Best Horse Barns on a Budget: See Pictures & Must-Haves

Barn quality can absolutely go hand-in-hand with an affordable price tag — if you know what you’re looking for, that is. The best horse barns are ones that provide ample space, last for decades, and fit comfortably into your budget. Finding a high-quality, low-cost barn is the focus of today’s blog — we’re showing you key traits to look for, our attractive barn styles, and our very competitive prices.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish builder that crafts and installs high-quality structures for homeowners throughout PA, MD, and NJ. Keep reading to see the traits that make for the best horse barns for an unbeatable price. However, if you’d rather talk, our team is standing by to discuss your options and to give you prices!

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How to Find High-Quality, Low-Cost Barns

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No matter what, never compromise on quality. You’re investing real money in a shelter for your horses and storage for your stuff, so make sure it lasts. Instead of cutting corners when it comes to quality construction, we believe the best way to find high-quality, low-cost barns is by making cost-conscious choices during the design process. See how you can save:

  • Choose the Right Style — While enormous two-story horse barns look impressive in movies, they simply aren’t the practical choice for today’s hobby horse farmer. Shed row barns and run-in sheds are the ideal styles if you’re looking for low-cost barns. Instead of having the full interior space of a barn, these stripped-down structures just feature the stalls and storage areas. By using far less material, you can get the fully protected stalls you need at a much lower price.

    Compare run-in sheds vs. shed row barns.

  • Limit the Stalls to What You Need — One of the best ways to keep the price down is to limit the number of stalls. While you may be tempted to build several more than you need for horses you hope to buy or board — or for extra storage — extra stalls add to the bottom-line price without giving you any benefits you’ll use for the next few years.
  • Modular Construction — Modular construction means that the main pieces (or the entire structure) are built off-site and simply installed on your property. This is the modern building alternative to building the barn 100% from the ground up on your property. Since this building method is much more efficient — and can lead to a better-quality building — it is an essential to build the best horse barns on a budget.
  • Look for Someone Local — One other way to reduce the cost without limiting the quality is to partner with a semi-local company. By reducing the distance your barn has to travel, you may be able to save money on the delivery charges.

Follow this advice and you’ll find a low-cost barn that delivers maximum value. Keep reading to explore our prices!

Check Out Average Prices Right Here

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When you use these tips for low-cost barns that last, you may be surprised by just how affordable your new barn can be. People are very surprised to learn this, but it is possible to have a new barn for a comparable price to a new shed!

  • Average Run-In Shed Prices: $2,400 — $8,000
  • Shed Row Barns: $4,500 — $10,000

The difference in price is determined by everything from the number of stalls to the siding material, and extras like feed rooms or cupolas. Now that you know our barns are affordable, we encourage you to reach out to our team today to get your exact price.

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Not only will a new horse barn from Glick Woodworks keep your bank account full, but it will provide decades of use and have a striking rustic style. You can expect any structure — shed, garage, or barn — that carries our name to be hand-built by Amish craftsmen and provide a storage solution that lasts for decades. The first step to bringing your barn home is talking to our team about your needs and budget. Reach out today to talk to our team and to get a quote on the best horse barn for the money!

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