Horse Barn Prices & Estimates

You know your horses need and deserve a proper shelter. Whether it’s the pounding rain, the bitter cold, or the beating sun they have to endure, they need a quality barn to protect them from Mother Nature. If you’re like most budget-conscious horse owners, your biggest questions are probably regarding horse barn prices and the quality you can expect.

While we can only provide estimations of Shed Row Barn prices and Run-In Shed prices online, we’re happy to give you specifics on those two options the best we can. Continue reading our blog to find out the cost to build a horse barn in your area!

The True Cost to Build a Horse Barn

cost to build a horse barn

Surprisingly, the number one question we get asked isn’t about the horse barn styles or colors we offer, but instead the horse barn prices! That’s why we’ve decided to round up our 2 most popular barns and share our horse barn prices — for both Shed Row Barns and Run-In Sheds.

Let’s cut right to the chase: the cost to build a horse barn will depend on what exactly you’re looking for! The cost to build a horse barn with our expert Amish craftsmen ranges anywhere from about $2,500 to $11,000, plus free delivery on local builds (see details here)! That range is primarily determined by the size and the style of the structure you’re building. However, we know that’s a wide range of prices, so allow us to break it down more specifically for you:

Affordable Run-In Shed Prices

run-in shed prices

For farmers and ranchers who have a few horses and a limited amount of space in the pasture for structures, a Run-In Shed is the horse barn for you! These convenient structures are just enough space to safely protect your horses from the elements while providing ample storage space for their supplies.

While some Run-In Shed prices can seem monumental, Run-In Shed prices from Glick Woodworks are very affordable.

The cost to build a horse barn with Glick Woodworks is competitively priced and easy to understand. Run-In Shed prices start at just $3,420 for a 10X10 structure, which is the perfect size for a single horse. Our largest Run-In Sheds can cost around $8,000 and have several exciting add-on features like feed rooms, cupolas, cabinets, and more. Learn more about our Run-In Sheds and specialty horse barn prices by exploring our website or by calling our office!

Custom Shed Row Barn Prices

shed row barn prices

Shed Row Barns are the epitome of flexible usage and horse protection. If you find yourself needing an area for your horses to seek shelter — in addition to a place for storing hay, ATVs, tools, lumber, or other large supplies — a Shed Row Barn is the ultimate option! Shed Row Barns are the perfect in-between of a regular center-aisle horse barn and a small Run-In Shed.

The cost to build this type of horse barn is an incredible bargain for all the benefits you will reap from it! Glick Woodworks’ Shed Row Barn prices range from $4,555 to upwards of $10,000 — depending on what features you choose to include in your design, of course! Check out our website or give our office a call if you’d like more information on our Shed Row Barn prices.

Get Your Horse Barn Price from Glick Woodworks

We’ve been in the shed manufacturing business for over 20 years, and we’re so excited to be adding horse barns to the mix now, too! We promise to provide the same high-quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from our sheds.

Whether you’re interested in getting Run-In Shed prices, Shed Row Barn prices, or horse barn prices in general, we’re happy to assist you the best we can! Give our friendly team a call or complete our online form to get started planning your perfect horse barn today.

Let’s make this the year you finally get the horse barn of your dreams!

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