Comparing Horse Barn Styles: Run-in Shed vs Shed Row Barn

You have the drive to get your own horse, and you have the space to use for pasture — all you need is the barn. If you don’t own a professional stable or ranch, then a small horse shed is more manageable for you than a jumbo barn with near endless stalls. Run-in sheds and shed row barns are the two most popular small horse barn styles — and today we’re breaking down the advantages of each!

At Glick Woodworks, we build modular barns for hobby farmers and ranchers throughout Pennsylvania and more. Since we often build the first barn most people ever get, we can help you find the one that’s perfect for you. Keep reading for an honest look at both of these horse barn styles — or simply get in touch right now for your free quote!

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Which Small Horse Shed is Right for You?

Both of our small horse sheds provide solid shelter with a minimal footprint. However, there are a few differences as well as some key pros and cons you need to know:

Run-in Shed Style

small horse shed

This small horse barn style features three solid sides and one fully open side. The name comes from the fact that a horse can run into the shed at any time. This can be a fantastic intro barn for many equine enthusiasts.


  • Most affordable option — Simply put, this is the single most affordable small horse shed you can buy. The minimal materials and easy construction process allow for an ultra-budget-friendly price tag that can be less than an average shed.
  • Allows your horse the ability to access the pasture at any time — If this is the primary residence of your horse, he or she has full access to their pasture at any time and won’t be dependent on you to let them out of their stall. Some horse professionals say that free access to pasture is key to horse health.


  • Doesn’t offer as complete protection from the elements — Since one of the sides is completely open, it can be an issue during extreme weather events.
  • Generally only used to house one horse at a time — The smaller dimensions and lack of individual stalls make this better suited to only one horse.
  • Can’t be used to store feed — While using one of the stalls in a shed row barn makes for great storage, this type of small horse shed can’t be used to store things (like feed) without your horse getting into it.

Shed Row Barn Style

shed row style horse barn

A more complete structure, this horse barn style features individual stalls with doors placed in a row. The number of stalls in your shed row barn can be customized to your needs.


  • Total protection from the elements — Since this type of small horse shed features fully enclosed stalls, it provides superior protection from the elements including more extreme weather events.
  • Ability to house as many horses as you need — Since you can customize the number of stalls in the barn to your exact needs, you have enough spaces for all your horses.
  • Better secure storage — With a shed row barn, you can dedicate an individual stall or more to all of the items and equipment you need to store away from your horses.
  • Classic barn style — From a cosmetic standpoint, a shed row barn has more of the touches of a classic rustic barn style we all know and love.


  • More expensive — Compared to a run-in shed, this horse barn style in a comparable size will be a bit more expensive.
  • Horse will need to be let into and out of the structure — For some horse hobbyists and ranchers, this isn’t a bad thing, but you will need to be present to let them out to pasture.

Ultimately, both options are great — that’s why we sell both. If you’re still having trouble deciding, our team can help walk you through the choice.

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Benefits of Modular Barns

No matter which type of horse barn style you choose in the long run, make sure you buy it from a modular barn builder like us. Modular building is a style of construction that means the pieces of the barn are built offsite and simply assembled at your property.

Compared to traditional building that takes place 100% on site, modular construction leads to significantly reduced prices and much faster installation — with identical quality.

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