Inexpensive Horse Barns that Last

Quality construction, the space you need, and an attractive rustic style — those are the key traits of a horse barn that does the job right. And if you know what you’re looking for and you have a good partner, you can get a rock-solid, no-frills barn for much less than you think. Our inexpensive horse barns offer you high-quality construction, an unbeatable lifespan, and as much space as you need — all without breaking the bank.

At Glick Woodworks, we primarily promote and sell the shed row horse barn style because of its classic rustic look and reasonable price point. So, when we say inexpensive horse barns, what exactly do we mean? You can get a complete horse barn for between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on how many stalls and extras you need. If you want to get the details on building a budget barn, keep reading — or if you’re ready to get a quote, reach out today!

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5 Budget Barn Traits to Look For

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While we also build larger and more expensive horse barns for stables and professional ranches, we believe it is important to offer strong, budget-friendly options, too. These budget barns are ideal for hobby farmers with only a few horses and limited budgets.

These are the traits to look for when shopping for and designing your barn to keep the bottom-line cost low:

  1. Choose the Shed Row Style — The shed row style is our preference at Glick Woodworks, and that’s no accident. This barn style is made by placing enclosed horse stalls together to make a full structure. Unlike center aisle barns which feature a spacious enclosed aisle between stalls, a shed row barn leaves everything but the stalls outside. This classic design is key to keeping the price low since you’ll only pay for the space you need — not a ton of extra room.

    Learn more about the difference between run-in sheds vs. shed row barns.

  2. Skip the Feed Room — While we often sell dedicated feed rooms for hay and supplemental storage in our shed row structures, if you’re looking to build a budget barn, you’re going to want to skip this extra step. Instead of the standalone feed room, we recommend just adding an extra stall that you use for feed storage. For most people trying to get an inexpensive horse barn, this works just as well.
  3. Choose Wooden Siding — Not only is this key to an inexpensive barn, but wooden siding is actually more popular thanks to the tried-and-true rustic look it provides. While some upscale barns are built using metal siding, choosing pressure-treated wooden siding helps keep the price point low. You also don’t have to worry about quality because our wooden siding easily lasts 25 years or more in the elements.
  4. Choose Shingle Roofing — This is another material choice that is essential to building a budget barn. While some high-priced barns have metal roofs, we recommend building the roof of your barn from architectural shingles — just like your house. Shingles are an extremely durable option and serve to keep the price tag low.
  5. Work with a Dealer that Understands Budget — When you’re getting quotes and having conversations with different barn builders to find the right one to build your space, make sure they understand doing things on a budget. Some builders — who primarily build $100,000 barns — may claim they can build you something small on a budget, but they simply aren’t set up to do it well…which can lead to real headaches and unexpected costs. Since we primarily sell inexpensive horse barns, our Amish craftsmen are skilled at crafting and installing them while sticking to your budget.

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Buy Your Barn at the Right Time of Year

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While there’s no financial incentive to buy any particular time of the year, it can have an impact on how long you’ll have to wait for the horse barn you need. Since the fall is our busiest season, our lead times are the longest then, as many farmers, ranchers, and homeowners need our help. That’s why we recommend that if possible, you should order your barn in the spring or summer.

However, no matter when you order, you’ll still enjoy exceptional customer service and competitive prices!

Get Your Custom Quote on an Inexpensive Horse Barn

When you know what you’re looking for and you have the right team helping, you can absolutely get an inexpensive horse barn that you’ll be proud of and that will serve you well for decades. All of our budget barns are built by Amish craftsmen and will offer decades of time out in the elements.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help. Reach out and get quotes on your barn today!

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