Pre-Built Horse Barns that Last for Decades

Whether you run a small stable or simply have horses for fun, you know they are an investment of both time and money. While these are investments you’re certainly happy to make, saving money is always appreciated. That’s why we’re highlighting our pre-built horse barns that are both affordable and provide decades of quality.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish builder that offers a wide range of sheds and prefab barns throughout PA, MD, and NJ. We’re showcasing what traits make our pre-built barns weathertight enough to stand up to the elements and sturdy enough to handle your herd of horses. Keep reading for an inside look at our barns — or reach out to our team right now to discuss prices and delivery!

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Traits of High-Quality Horse Structures

Any piece of equipment or structure that is going to be used with animals and is going to be out in the elements needs to be built tough. While you can build a quality horse barn on a budget, you should never consider compromising on material or construction quality. These are the key traits that make our horse structures a reliable investment:

High-Quality Siding Options

pre-built barns

The board and batten siding on our pre-built barns is made from white pine, which is a sturdy and naturally weather-resistant wood species. When finished with a coat of paint or finish, your barn siding will be ready to resist mold, rot, and damage. In addition, pine is a great material choice for barns because if a horse should kick the exterior, it shouldn’t break. In addition to wood siding, we also offer metal siding, which is equally weather-resistant but won’t need painted or stained.

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Interior Oak Framing

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While the outside of a barn certainly must be built tough, the inside also needs to be sturdy. For maximum structural strength, the interior framing of all of our barns is built with oak timbers. In addition, our horse stalls are outfitted with extremely strong oak kick boards that ensure that errant kicks won’t damage your barn’s interior over time.

Weather-Resistant Roofing

pre-built horse barn with metal roof

Just like the roof on your home, roof leaks in your barn are a serious problem which undermine the whole structure. Our barns come with one of two materials: metal or shingle roofs. Both of these materials are often used on houses due to their longevity and ability to keep out rain. This is one more key sign that you are looking at a high-quality horse structure.

Modular Construction

modular horse barn

Another trait of a high-quality horse structure (particularly if you are shopping on a budget) is that it was built with modular construction. This means that the barn was built off-site and only assembled on your property. Not only does this reduce the labor time — and price — but this modern building style can actually lead to more careful work and a better-built structure.

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Comes from a Good Company

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The final sign of a dependable horse barn has nothing to do with the structure itself. Instead, it has everything to with where you’re buying it. Work with a company that has a track record of building quality structures and has reviews to support that. After all, you need this investment to pay you back by housing your horses and solving storage problems.

All of our pre-built barns check all of these boxes and are able to provide you with 20 to 30 years of reliable storage and shelter! Check out our barns and get quotes today!

Also Offering Sheds & Garages

While these horse structures are the ideal space for housing your herd and storing hay, when it comes to outdoor equipment, you might prefer a more traditional option. Storage sheds are our flagship product at Glick Woodworks, and we build a wide range of unique styles, such as Victorian sheds, A-frames, and mini barns. In addition to our shed line, we craft custom modular garages in a wide range of sizes. Just like with our barns, you can count on our materials and construction to provide decades of dependability.

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Get Quotes on Our Pre-Built Horse Barns

If you’re ready to bring home an elite horse barn for a great price, you’re in the right place. If you know the size and number of stalls you need, let us know and we’ll give you a quote to build it for you. Of course, if you want to discuss your options and get our recommendations, our sales team is here to help.

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