Prefab Wood Barns: Prices & Advantages

The best housing for horses is tough enough to stand up to these strong animals, well-built enough to keep them protected from the elements, and affordable enough that it won’t break the bank. For hobby farmers and ranchers, prefab wood barns are the best option when housing a small herd. We’re exploring our most popular wooden barns — and sharing real prices!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish horse barn and shed builder that delivers exceptional quality throughout PA, MD, and NJ. While we also sell metal barns, prefab wood barns are a smart and attractive option, which is why they’ve become such an in-demand item. Keep reading to check out average prices — or reach out to talk to a team member and place an order!

Popular Models of Wooden Horse Barns

wooden horse barns

When finding the right barn for you and your horses, you’ll want to balance the number of stalls you need, whether you want an extra feed room, and your budget. While we offer a wide range of wooden horse barns (and even give you plenty of custom design options), these are some of the best choices that suit a variety of needs:

  • 10’X10’ Basic Single Stall Barn

    Built around a single 10’X10’ horse stall, this is our most inexpensive prefab wooden horse barn. The design also does away with feed rooms and other extras. However, with a price tag under $5,000 for a barn, this can be a great entry point. Like any of our structures, you can expect to get decades of use from this structure.

    Average Price: $4,500

  • 10’X18’ Single Stall Barn with Feed Room

    Another structure that is meant to house a single horse, this wooden horse barn has a few more advantages and amenities. Firstly, the stall is slightly larger, increasing from 10’X10’ to 10’X12’. In addition, the extra space is most often used for a convenient feed room but can be helpful for storing anything else you may need as well.

    Average Price: $7,700

  • 10’X20’ Basic Two-Stall Barn

    When it comes to the most space for the money, this is a great option. This stripped-down prefab wood barn gives you the opportunity to house two horses side by side. And while you’ll likely need another shed or other structure to store feed and riding equipment, this is a fantastic option for hobby horse farmers.

    Average Price: $7,300

  • 10’X32’ Two-Stall Barn with a Feed Room

    This barn is a fantastic all-in-one solution for housing horses and other essentials. The storage comes in the form of two 10’X12’ stalls and a large 8’X10’ feed room. If you know you’re never going to have more than two horses, this can be a perfect option. The price is still fairly affordable and comparable to what people pay for a mid-size prefab garage.

    Average Price: $12,000

  • Large Barn 12’X48’ 

    The largest shed row barn we build, this structure is great for both equine enthusiasts and professionals alike. Having four 12’X10’ stalls as well as an 8’X12’ room makes this a fully functional wooden horse barn perfect for whatever you need. For some, the extra stalls mean that you can make a little extra money boarding a few horses. While the space and the footprint are quite a bit larger than our other prefab wood barns, it is still built to prioritize efficiency, keeping with a no-frills design.Average Price: $22,000

Advantages of Wooden Barn Siding

wooden barn siding

While we do offer metal barns and other metal structures, wooden horse barns are the best choice for a few reasons. Here’s what makes this classic building material perfect for your barn:

  • Built-In Insulation — By nature of the material, wood offers better natural insulation. This means when your horses are in their stalls, they’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Can Handle Wear — Horses are strong animals that occasionally can be destructive by accident. A wooden barn can better handle a kick than metal siding. We have seen cases where a horse will kick a metal barn and puncture it, leading to rust. If you do buy a metal barn from us, make sure you are diligent about surface damage.
  • Can Be Painted — Attractive paint can enhance the naturally rustic look of a prefab wood barn. While most customers choose to buy their barns unpainted and do it themselves, we can always take care of the painting or staining for you. After decades of ownership, you’ll likely want to paint it again yourself to protect the wood and create a new color scheme.

Get Prices on Prefab Wood Barns

Our prefab wood barns can deliver decades of horse housing, in a smart and attractive package that won’t break the bank. If one of these barns we profiled here matches your needs, we’d love to build it for you. However, if you have questions or you want to order a custom space, our team can help with that, too!

Reach out today to place your order!

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