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The housing for your horses should match the size of your herd. After all, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a huge barn, if you only have one horse to house. However, you still have great options for mini horse barns that look great and come at competitive prices!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re known for our Amish sheds and our Amish horse barns that homeowners, ranchers, and equine enthusiasts rely on! Discover the two main styles of mini horn barns – and check the average prices!


Miniature Horse Shelter Styles

While huge, two-story barns are certainly beautiful, they can cost nearly as much as a whole house! Our miniature horse shelters deliver complete protection from the elements in a cost-efficient structure. The two main styles are run-in sheds and shed row barns:

Shed Row Barns

Shed row miniature horse shelter

All of the housing capacity of a full barn at a fraction of the cost and footprint! A shed row barn is the single best mini horse barn you’ll find anywhere. The entire structure is built around the horse stall to provide full coverage for the animals inside. This means the barn stays small as the exterior only needs to be bigger than the stalls inside. If you only have one horse, you only need a single stall in your shed row barn. Of course, if you want to add a feed room or additional stalls, those wooden barn options are simple and affordable, too.

Shed Row Barn Benefits:

  • Great for small properties
  • Full coverage for horses
  • Can be customized to your exact number of horses and your needs

Starting at $5,000

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Run-In Sheds

Run-in horse shelter in Pa

Most commonly used as a shade structure for horses out on pasture, run-in sheds have a full roof yet have one open side so the horses can come and go as they please. While they aren’t often used as a full-time residence, these miniature horse shelters provide important shade and comfort to your horses. Once again, this is a very affordable prefab barn structure that can fit almost anywhere on your property. In addition, when you’re not using it as a way to cover your horses, it can also serve as a solid outdoor storage structure, too.

Run-In Shed Benefits:

  • Very inexpensive
  • Great protection from the sun and rain
  • Ideal for pastures

Starting at $3,700

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A Full Line of Custom Barn Sheds

Although miniature horse shelters are a difference maker for many equine enthusiasts and hobby farmers, they aren’t the only ways to bring our rustic barn style to your home. Since we know that the look of a barn is a favorite for many people, we offer several shed options that create this style, too. These sheds have the rustic profile you love but are meant for storing lawn mowers, tools, and other valuables:

Rustic mini horse barn
  • Dutch Barns – Laid out like a traditional shed, this structure stands out thanks to its rounded gambrel roof. From a distance it looks just like a barn in your backyard, but it’s better for housing valuables rather than horses.
  • Mini Barn Sheds – One of the most practical options, we build these barns to offer unbeatable storage space for the money. The stripped-down barn design keeps the price tag low, while the style is sure to excite barn lovers of all kinds!


Get Your Quote on Mini Horse Barns

Two-tone blue mini horse barn siding

Every single one of our Amish-built barns is crafted right here in the United States. Not only does this ensure the level of quality that you expect, but it gives you the ability to tailor the structure to your exact needs, too. Whether that is extra stalls for extra horses, an additional feed room, or stylish accessories, we design to your specifications!

If you’re ready to get your quote or simply want to ask some questions, get in touch with us right here to get started!

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