Small Barns: Prices, Styles, & Benefits

A small structure (with a small price tag) can come up big to provide you the storage and horse housing you need. While huge and ornate stables may earn style points, small barns solve real problems for hobby farmers and equine enthusiasts every day. We offer two different lines of small horse shelters designed to do exactly this — and that’s what we’re featuring in today’s blog.

At Glick Woodworks, we sell Amish sheds and horse barns and deliver structures throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Keep reading to check out our cost-efficient small barns and to discover the unexpected practical benefits that make them such a smart buy. Of course, if you’d rather discuss your project right now, reach out and talk to our team!

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Small Horse Shed Models & Starting Costs

Whether you only have a single horse to house or this is an extra shelter or storage space, a shed that’s compact in size can be the answer. We recommend our shed row barn and our run-in shed for the maximum usable storage space for the smallest footprint and cost. Check out these small horse sheds and find the one that works for you:

Shed Row Barn

small horse sheds

Starting around $4,000

This style of barn is great for building on a budget as it allows you to only have the number of stalls that you need. With single stall options starting around $4,000, this is one of the most affordable barns you’ll find that provides a real year-round boarding space for your horses. Available with the option for a lean-to and cupola, this small horse shed is a great first barn for many of our customers.

  • Dimensions range from 10’X16’ to 12’X48’
  • 1 to 4 Stalls Available
  • Feed Rooms Available
  • Wooden Siding or Metal Siding
  • Large Range of Paint and Stain Colors
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small horse shelters

Starting around $3,000

Generally, this small horse shed is commonly used for providing a secondary place for horses to get out of the elements when on pasture. In addition, this space can also be used like a stand shed to provide critical storage for feed and equipment. This is the most affordable small barn style we offer — and the prices are often less than our signature Amish sheds.

  • Dimensions range from 10’X10’ to 12’X40’
  • Open Front Comes Standard
  • Feed Rooms Available
  • Wooden Siding or Metal Siding
  • Large Range of Paint and Stain Colors
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Benefits of Small Horse Shelters

We offer a wide range of gorgeous striking color combinations and rustic accessories that make these structures a beautiful addition to your property. However, the main reason that our small horse shelters win over our customers is that they provide the smart, practical advantages that bigger barns miss.

  • Easier to Find Space — Since the overall footprint of these barns will be smaller, they can be placed in a wider variety of yards, lots, and pastures. Larger barns can be difficult to design around and can use up area you’d prefer to leave as green space.
  • Design Flexibility — With either of these small horse shelters, you can specify exactly how many stalls and how much space you want. This ensures you don’t end up paying for a huge structure of which you’ll only use a fraction.
  • Convenient Ventilation — Planning for proper ventilation is always a challenge for larger horse structures. However, the small horse shed style means that great ventilation comes standard.
  • Lower Price — This is the most important practical advantage for the majority of hobby farmers and ranchers. Because of the minimal design, you can get an unbeatable low price on small horse shelters without having to cut corners on the construction and material quality.

Learn more about designing a horse barn right here!

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We design and build structures that solve problems for their owners every day. This commitment to helping you work smarter can be seen through our practical designs and our steadfast commitment to truly high-quality structures. If you’re ready to bring one of these small barns home, we’re here to help. The first step is to reach out and describe what you need and the custom touches you want — and we’ll get you a price to take care of everything.

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