10X12 Shed for Sale & Other Popular Models

We build a wide range of different size and style sheds that fulfill the needs of homeowners just like you. However, a 10X12 shed is quite possibly the most popular model we offer. This size offers fantastic storage potential that fits almost any yard — for a great price. While prices change slightly depending on your shed’s style and accessories, we offer a 10X12 shed for sale starting at just over $3,000!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts sheds built to last for decades, handle the elements, and look amazing while doing it. Our sheds are used for a wide range of different jobs, from storing lawn equipment to protecting boxes of valuables. See more of our popular shed models, get an idea of what they cost, and shop today!

3 Most Popular Shed Models & Average Prices

Many homeowners appreciate the opportunity to tweak, specify, and customize every part of their shed from the ground up. However, sometimes you just need to see storage options, and it makes perfect sense to shop our best sellers. Check out these three in-demand shed models and see an average price to build them:

10X12 Shed

shed models

10X12 sheds for sale are one of the models we always try to have available for homeowners. This shed size is large enough to accommodate a zero turn mower and other pieces of lawn equipment. However, it isn’t so spacious that you’ll find yourself paying for unused space. Bottom line: a 10X12 shed represents a storage solution at a bargain price — and looks great in a wide variety of shed styles.

  • Featured Style: Quaker
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $3,085
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $3,570
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8X12 Shed

8X12 shed

Of all the popular shed models we offer, an 8X12 shed is on the smaller end of the spectrum. The reduced width may make storing larger pieces of heavy equipment a challenge, but this shed size is ideal for almost anything else. In particular, if you’re looking to store boxes of valuables, lawn games, or any other small items, the price point and effectiveness of an 8X12 shed are hard to beat.

  • Featured Style: A-Frame
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $2,570
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $2,895
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10X16 Shed

10X16 shed

The extra length makes a 10X16 shed a popular choice for both storage and other uses like man caves and she sheds. The longer dimensions often look great in a barn style with a gambrel roof as the structure begins to resemble a real country-style horse barn. While the price for this larger 10X16 shed is closer to $4,000, it’s hard to find more square footage for the money — while still enjoying true Amish shed quality.

  • Featured Style: Dutch Barn
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $3,915
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $4,335
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While you can certainly bring home any of these shed models and sizes, this is just the beginning of your options when you build with Glick Woodworks. Since our craftsmen build every single shed in our Lancaster County workshop, we can build any custom designs and dimensions you want — or add custom touches onto one of our leading models. One factor that you can always count on, though, is that all of our structures are Amish-built to the highest standards for craftsmanship and materials. This means that all of our sheds will last for decades, while providing watertight protection the entire time!

Get Exact Prices on a 10X12 Shed for Sale & More

All of the prices we featured are estimates that should come very close to matching your final quote. However, depending on the style you choose and any add-ons you opt to include, your exact price may vary. If you’re ready to bring home an Amish shed that will last for decades and repel wind and rain, you’re in the right place. We encourage you to reach out to our team to get an exact quote on a 10X12 shed for sale and all of our other popular models.

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