12×16 Sheds & Other Wide Models

More than anything else, the right shed for you depends on the stuff you’re looking to store. While almost any shed can be perfect for storing handheld lawn tools or boxes of valuables, when you start housing large equipment, you need to go wider. Our 12×16 sheds and other models can be the perfect solution to storing recreational and professional power equipment — see what we have to offer right here!

At Glick Woodworks, we build signature custom Amish sheds that provide decades of longevity paired with an attractive style. 12×16 sheds are one of the most popular models and one that we recommend for homeowners who need a little extra space for their tools or big toys! Dig into four popular models and check prices right here!

4 Popular Wide Storage Shed Options & Prices

Whether you have a snowmobile, ATVs, a huge zero turn mower, or one of any number of vehicles, a wide storage shed may be the best solution for you. While you can certainly fit one of these in a more standard 10×12 shed, your space will be limited. Opting for a 12×16 shed or larger allows you to have the room to fit multiple vehicles and to work on them — while still leaving plenty of space for boxes of stuff!

These are some of the most popular wide storage sheds:

12×16 Shed

12x16 classic a-frame shed

A 12×16 shed is a fantastic option for a structure that will deliver ample room without dominating too much space in your yard. Still a fairly affordable shed, this is a great option when you need storage for your jumbo zero turn mower as well as a whole inventory of other lawn equipment.

  • Featured Style: Classic A-Frame with Transom Dormer
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $5,510
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $6,080
Shop Classic A-Frame Sheds 12×20 Shed

12X20 shed

This shed has both extra width and length, so it will be the perfect solution for all of your outdoor storage needs. This wide storage shed can easily house multiple ATVs while still having room left over for a lawn mower and other large lawn tools. In addition, the price of a 12×20 shed is fairly similar to a 12×16 model, so if your yard has the open area, this is a great option.

  • Featured Style: Dutch Barn
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $5,000
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $5,700
Shop Dutch Barns 12×22 Shed

wide 12x22 shed

A truly supersized structure, sheds like this can absolutely handle all of your equipment and other storage demands, with room to spare! It’s not uncommon for homeowners to place a work bench and to convert a section of this shed into a workshop.

  • Featured Style: A-Frame
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $4,820
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $5,610
Shop A-Frame Sheds 14×20 Shed

wide storage shed

When it comes to wide storage sheds, this structure maximizes what you can do with it. A standout 14-foot width ensures that you not only have enough space to store multiple vehicles — but that you can park them side-by-side, too. Keeping with the theme of vehicle storage, custom garage-style doors provide even easier access for wide vehicles than traditional shed doors.

  • Featured Style: Custom
  • Approximate Painted Smartside Price: $6,200
  • Approximate Vinyl Siding Price: $7,400
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Consider a Modular Garage

While all four of these sheds offer exceptional storage space, you may also want to consider building a small modular garage. At Glick Woodworks, we also craft a wide range of single- and double-wide garages. While the price will be slightly higher than a comparably sized shed, they offer a large amount of storage — custom tailored to your needs. With a similar construction style to our sheds, we primarily build these garages in our workshop and assemble it on your property during delivery. This both makes the process go quickly — and saves you money, too.

Although sheds are still the most popular structure we build, one of the main advantages of choosing a garage is that you have access to a full or partial loft. This provides additional storage space that simply isn’t an option with sheds.

Buy a 12×16 Shed or Any of These Other Models

All four of these fantastic wide storage sheds will provide you the flexible space you need, in a well-built structure that’s guaranteed to last for decades. If you want to buy a 12×16 shed or one of our other models, simply reach out and get your quote from our team. However, if you’d like to have us craft something fully custom for you instead, you’re in the right place. Tell us about what you need and the custom options you want to accompany the final build, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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