Affordable Sheds that Last 20+ Years

Great news: a high-quality Amish shed can be yours for less than you’d expect! While many homeowners worry that they’ll need to sacrifice quality to stay within their budget, you can absolutely find affordable sheds that last 20 years or more. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the traits of elite-quality budget sheds and showing you some of our favorites.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts gorgeous, long-lasting sheds for Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to get a shed for around $3,500 — and to see some great examples of affordable sheds you can bring home today!

Finding a High-Quality, Budget Shed

While extremely cheap sheds lead to problems, headaches, and disappointed homeowners, that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get quality storage. That’s why we offer many high-quality budget sheds. These sheds are all around $3,000 yet are built with the same home-quality materials and the same attention-to-detail. Explore some of our options:

10×12 Vinyl Shed, In a Simple Style

budget sheds

Average Price: $3,500

While vinyl siding is the more expensive shed siding material we offer, by keeping the size smaller and the style simple, it can be a budget-friendly option. A 10×12 shed is large enough for a push mower and plenty of gardening tools. To keep with the budget shed theme, we recommend the simple yet classic quaker shed style or A-frame shed style!

12×16 A-Frame Shed in Smartside

affordable smartside sheds

Average Price: $3,860

This budget shed model gives you access to a lot of space in a traditional shed style. This common shed size is certainly big enough for a riding tractor, not to mention the other garden tools and outdoor toys you need to store. By opting for the pressure-treated wood LP Smartside over vinyl, you can have a jumbo size shed for a miniscule price.

Learn more about wood vs vinyl sheds.

12×14 Vinyl Mini Barn

budget vinyl sheds

Average Price: $3,780

This a great option for storing your prized riding mower. Since this budget shed is built from the same vinyl as a house, you can trust that it’ll never need to be re-painted or re-stained while providing decades of storage. In addition, because the mini barn style is simple, you get a lot of space for your money. While the barn look isn’t for everyone, this might be the most practical storage structure we sell!

8×12 Victorian Style Vinyl Shed

affordable victorian style sheds

Average Price: $4,100

If you’re enamored with the fancier garden shed style yet want to maintain a budget-friendly price point, this is the shed for you. Notice how the Victorian style shed features beautiful dormers and stylish shutters for the windows. Plus, there is an extra door for added convenience. By opting for the smaller size, you can make this striking structure a truly affordable shed.

The Amish Shed Difference

Amish craftsmen are known throughout the country due to their skill and integrity. For many customers, the Amish culture is synonymous with quality. That’s just one of the reasons that, even though we strive to build multiple options for affordable sheds, we never cut corners or offer a sub-par product.

Potential customers often ask us what separates our structures from the ultra-cheap options you’d see in big box hardware stores. These are the key differences:

  • Our sheds are built one at a time by skilled craftsmen, not on huge assembly lines.
  • Our sheds are built from wood or vinyl siding just like your house — rather than big molds of hard plastic.
  • The roofs of our sheds are made from individual shingles just like any other roof — as opposed to a piece of metal or a sheet of shingles.
  • We offer plenty of options for custom styles and sizes so that you can get the piece you want at the price you like.

Speaking of which, check out a few of our favorite custom sheds!

Shop Affordable Sheds Today!

If any of our favorite affordable sheds from today’s blog caught your eye, reach out today to bring one to your backyard. Glick Woodworks offers delivery to make the whole process even easier. However, if you’re still looking for the perfect shed at the right price, talk to us and we can build something for you.

Reach out today to start the conversation — or to place your order!

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