Custom Designing a Shed: See All Your Options

When custom designing a shed, you have near unlimited potential for how it looks — and the type of storage solutions it offers. That’s why we built our online shed design center to allow potential customers just like you to see all of your options and to create the shed that works for you! In today’s blog, we’re showcasing the wide range of options available to you, while highlighting everything you can build.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that serves PA, MD, and NJ. While we offer a wide range of popular shed models, we’re more than happy to build something fully custom just for you. Keep reading to see how easy custom designing a shed can be with our design center — or simply get started using it right here!

Try Our 3D Shed Design Center

Create Your Own Shed Step-By-Step

From the style, to the size, and even to the accessories, you have tons of options when you create your own shed. To show you just how custom your shed can be, we’re walking you through the design process step-by-step:

Start with These Design Choices… Choose Your Style

This choice is the biggest factor in determining the overall look of your shed. Most people are surprised to discover just how many different style options there are after they start designing! We recommend checking out each of the different shed types to find the one you like best. See just how different the Victorian Shed looks when compared to an A-Frame Shed.

create your own shed

custom designing an a-frame shed

Pick the Color

This next part of custom designing a shed may be cosmetic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. After all, this shed is going to be in your yard for a few decades, so it’s important that you like the way it looks. In addition to choosing the primary color of the siding, you can select additional colors for the trim, the shutters, and the door. Check out how different the Slate color looks compared to the Blue.

create your own slate colored shed

custom designing a blue shed

Select the Shed Material

You’ll find this big step under the “Doors, Windows, Exteriors” tab. Choosing between wood and vinyl is a pivotal choice when you create your own shed. Not only will choosing between a vinyl vs. wood shed determine how your shed looks, but also how much it costs and its lifespan. While a vinyl shed costs more upfront, it lasts longer than wood and will require less maintenance over the years. However, both options are great — which is why we gladly build both! Notice here the difference in siding between a vinyl and wooden shed.

create your own vinyl shed

custom designing a wooden shed

Still looking for shed inspiration? See some of our favorite custom shed designs right here.

Finish Your Shed with These Specifics…

  1. Finalize Windows & Doors — Once you complete this step, you’ll have a very clear idea of how your shed will look. Also found under the “Doors, Windows, Exteriors” tab, the next step is to add any additional doors and windows you want. Exterior accessories are also found under this section, which allows you to see the impact of adding a cupola and vents.
  2. Select Your Size — One of the most important practical choices to make when custom designing a shed, deciding on the size of the shed makes the biggest impact on its price and how much storage space you’ll get from the shed. We offer a huge variety of sizes to ensure that your storage needs are satisfied while respecting your budget.

    Learn more about finding the best shed size for your yard.
  3. Choose Interior Upgrades — Once you have the exterior finished, you can move on to the interior upgrades. At this stage you can choose accessories like extra shelving and built-in work benches. In addition, you can decide on the type of floor and the number of joists supporting it at this point, too.
  4. Submit for a Quote — Once you’ve created your own shed in our design center, the next step is to submit your design and get a quote for us to build it for real in your backyard!

Count on Amish Quality

There’s no question that using an online design center to create your own shed is very 21st century — however, at Glick Woodworks, we’re still dedicated to the timeless ideals of hard work. In fact, our better materials and superior workmanship are the main things that set our structures apart from those found in hardware stores.

For example, each and every one of our sheds (custom or not) is built by a veteran Amish craftsman in our Lancaster County workshop. Compare that to super-cheap sheds you see in the parking lot of big box hardware stores which are built hundreds-at-a-time in overseas factories. That’s just the beginning when it comes to comparing Amish sheds and mass-produced sheds!

Learn more about the real handmade shed difference!

Custom Designing Your Shed Starts Here

You won’t believe just how many classic styles and color combinations there are until you start custom designing a shed. Whether you want to use our 3D shed design center — or you’d rather give us a call or send us an email — we’ll work with you to ensure you get the custom shed you want.

Reach out today to ask us any questions or to work directly with our team!

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