Some of Our Favorite Custom Shed Designs

With Glick Woodworks’ 3D shed design center, designing your own shed online is now easier than ever! Whether you’re curious about matching your shed to your house, or you want to go for something totally unique, actually seeing your options is the best place to start. Explore thousands of possibilities that are sure to inspire the look of your new structure. And don’t forget to secure your free quote once you have a few combinations you adore!

Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Let us show you 4 of our favorite custom shed designs

See the Options When You Design Your Own Shed Online

When you design your own shed online, you have the power to envision anything you want to see in your backyard. Even better, once you have a unique design you like, it’s easy to simply order it — our craftsmen will then build it for you and deliver. Try our 3D color visualizer right here:

Try Our 3D Shed Design Center

However, if you’re still finding your style, we have a variety of designs to show to you. These are just a few of your possibilities:

Modern & Muted design your own shed online

For homeowners with a modern, minimalist flair, it’s best to keep your custom shed design clean-cut. Start by selecting a simple shell like our A-frame or Classic A-frame style to design your own shed online. Customize your color palette with in-style hues of gray, navy, black, and white. Top it off with a dark, neutral roof and you’ll have the most elegant shed in the neighborhood!

PRO TIP: True modern design is all about clean lines! To accomplish this in your design, remove shutters from the front face of the shed. This small change creates a true minimalist look!

Monochromatic monochromatic custom shed design

Another unique way to design your own shed online is to select one or two colors to cover the entire structure. In this example, we paired pure white with a pop of blue trim for a sleek look. It’s a subtle way to flaunt a bold custom shed design in the 21st century — without being too over the top. This photo is a Dutch Barn style shed with a charcoal gray roof.

Bright & Beachy design your own bright and beachy shed online

If cookie-cutter just isn’t your style, you’re going to LOVE the bright and beachy custom shed designs you can create with our new color visualizer! By selecting warm tones for the siding, door, shutter, and roof colors, you can customize a wonderful structure for your backyard.

PRO TIP: Pair a steep peak with a cupola! These two features work together in flawless unity to bring attention to the perfect focal point.

Naturally Neutral naturally neutral custom shed design

A true classic, the timeless combinations of tans, olive greens, and creams never go out of style. When you want to design your own shed online like this one, we suggest experimenting with shed styles and ventilation options to create a design unique to you! Some variations of this outstanding color palette include mixing and matching brown or green siding with cream accents. Plus, you can never go wrong with a cupola!

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Unbeatable Amish Quality

While our 3D shed design center may be cutting edge, Glick Woodworks is firmly rooted in the traditional quality of Amish construction. All of our sheds are hand-built by real craftsmen in our Lancaster County workshop — not assembled hundreds-at-a-time on huge assembly lines.

In addition, we use superior materials to construct our structures which is how we ensure that they can easily provide you a lifespan of 20+ years. For our vinyl sheds, we use real vinyl siding and real vinyl windows just like the ones you have on your home. In addition, our sheds are built using real architectural shingles — and like those on your home, these shingles provide the same stylish durability that will last many years to come.

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Create, Order, & Enjoy a Custom Shed Design

What is the next step after you find the perfect combination of colors, features, sizes, styles, and materials you like? We’re glad you asked!

Once you make your final selections, you’ll see a price estimation pop up near the bottom of your screen. From there, you can get more details on the estimate and even submit your design for an exact price quote.

Experiment with as many custom shed designs as you like — all for free with Glick Woodworks’ shed design center! If you have any questions or want a quote, contact us today!

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