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Does a Shed Add Value to Your Home?

If you’re like most homeowners, the main reason you’re investing in a shed is because your garage is overflowing with stuff and you need somewhere secure to keep it. However, anytime you make a substantial purchase for your home, you hope that it’ll pay you back by boosting your property value. That’s why people often want to know, “Does a shed add value to your home?” We’re happy to say that it absolutely does, provided that it’s in good condition and an attractive style!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts a wide range of quality sheds for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and more. In today’s blog, we’re digging into the question, “Does a shed add value to your home?” as well as highlighting the traits that give you the maximum return on your investment. Keep reading to learn more — or reach out to our team to get your quote and to place your order.

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5 Traits that Ensure Your Shed Increases Your Home’s Value

does a shed increase home value

Whether you are planning to move next year or in a few decades, this is key information to keep in mind. If you’re wondering, “Does a shed increase home value?” we can tell you not only that it does — but we can help you design a structure that will best hold its value. These are the five key traits that you want to keep in mind:

  1. It Needs to Be in Good Condition — Right off the bat, if you want a shed to add value to your home when you go to sell it, the shed needs to be in as good condition as when you first bought it. There can’t be mold, rot, roof leaks, or any other structural problems or else it won’t boost your property value. That’s why buying a high-quality, low-maintenance shed is key to increasing your home’s value.

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  2. The Color Should Match Your Home — While style may be subjective, having an attractive shed is definitely key to potential buyers considering it to be a valuable addition to your house. While you have near endless style options, if you want to guarantee the shed adds value to your home, go with something safe and universally well liked. That’s why we recommend opting for the tried and true style of matching your shed to your home.
  3. Big Enough to Do the Job — When deciding on the best shed size, we often recommend getting something bigger than you think you’ll need. Not only is this wise to ensure you never run out of storage space, but it is key when trying to realize the return on investment. If your shed is too small for a potential buyer, they’ll know they need to replace it — and it will limit the value you can expect from it.
  4. The Shed Exterior Needs to Look Like New — Some potential homebuyers may be judging a book by its cover when it comes to your garden shed. Even if the shed is leak-free and the bones of the shed are good, it’s key that the outside looks good to make sure the shed increases home value. That’s why we recommend going with vinyl siding since it will look newer for much longer — and will never need re-painted!

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  5. It Needs to Have the Luxury Look — If you find yourself wondering, “Does a shed add value to your home?”, this is an important point to keep in mind. We recommend choosing to build a luxury shed that comes equipped with deluxe accessories, such as window boxes, dormers, cupolas, and more. Those unique, upscale touches can make your shed another selling point for your home.

The Amish Quality Difference

a frame shed adding value to a home

In the vast majority of cases, the answer to the question, “Does a shed increase home value?” is yes — unless the shed in question is very poor quality. Oftentimes hardware store sheds (with those low upfront price tags) will fall apart after just a few seasons in the elements. On the other hand, a handcrafted shed from Glick Woodworks will last more than 20 years and look fantastic the entire time! This quality difference comes down to two key points: our materials and our building processes.

Our sheds are built from real vinyl siding and real architectural shingles — just like your home. However, those cheap hardware store sheds are often made from a hard plastic shell or pieces of aluminum, which simply don’t boast the same longevity benefits as vinyl.

When it comes to our construction methods, our craftsmen build every single shed by hand in our workshop. This ensures corners are never cut and that our work is accurate. However, cheaper sheds are often built on massive assembly lines thousands at a time — meaning attention to detail is simply not there.

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Add Value to Your Home with Our Sheds

If you were wondering, “Does a shed add value to your home?”, we hope we’ve answered your pressing question! Once you’re ready to take the next step towards bringing home an elite shed, our team is standing by to help. Our experts can help you find the perfect shed style and size, while keeping your budget in mind.

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These guys are so easy to work with. Great prices also. They did an awesome job delivering my shed . Thank you !
02:19 05 Jun 24
Glick woodworks did two customized projects in the last three years. Our beautiful 14x22 shed and our 13x13 potting shed. GORGEOUS!!! Glicks are service driven and know how to build that is tough and built to last, sturdy and structurally sound in their trade. Communication with us is enjoyable. They have storage and potting sheds ready to deliver on their lot in Mt Joy, Pa but also shine in customization. Love, love,love.......their whole business plan is impeccable, right up to the delivery day and beyond.Collaborating on future project. Thank you very much !
tracy taverner
tracy taverner
16:25 18 Apr 24
The guys there are very knowledgeable and they work around your budget. Would highly recommend them if you’re looking to get a shed or a garage. Nice guys to work with.
jenn garcia
jenn garcia
14:24 16 Mar 24
BEST IN THE BUSINESS!UPDATE 2/8/24 they are still the best in the business. Wanted to also provide a finished picture of Glick woodwork building.Custom design, build, delivery, and turn-key installation of our 30x50 4 car garage and attached breezeway in NJ.Daniel and his TEAM are absolutely the BEST in the business…hands down!Can’t wait for the next project for them
Allan Witten
Allan Witten
19:53 08 Feb 24
Having had 12x20 garage/shed by Glick Woodworks for seven months now and can tell that this is very solid and well built product. Equally important, it was a very easy and professional process to discuss design, get drawings, and finalize order. All my questions were answered, all emails and calls promptly responded to. The installation was right on time, fast, and just a pleasure to watch. Overall, I don't think I'll need another shed anytime soon, but if I do - I know where to go!
Arkady Sherman
Arkady Sherman
19:33 09 Dec 23
I needed to move a shed to a different property. Dave was quick to respond, scheduling was easy, especially important because I had a narrow timeframe to work with, and the move was smooth, uneventful, and with perfect placement. The person who did the move itself was informative, skilled, and pleasant. I highly recommend and will most definitely use again.
Jon Cabiria
Jon Cabiria
01:53 07 Dec 23