High-Quality Pre-Built Sheds: Prices & Advantages

The storage you need, when you need it! That’s the advantage of a pre-built shed. While many homeowners prefer to design one-of-a-kind sheds that we custom build, you can save time and money by shopping pre-made options. There is no difference in quality between pre-made sheds and custom-made options – BOTH are hand-built by our Amish craftsmen and last for decades!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that builds a wide range of popular models, while also crafting 100% unique pieces. Our pre-built sheds are some of our best-selling items for a reason. We’re breaking down the smart advantages and average prices!


3 Reasons a Pre-Made Shed May Be Right for You

For some homeowners, a one-of-a-kind shed that perfectly matches their home exterior is a must-have – and we’re happy to craft that. However, if you’re more focused on getting the waterproof storage you need as conveniently as possible, a pre-made shed might be your best bet!

quality pre-built shed

Here’s what to like about these pre-built options:

  1. You Save Money – Since you do away with most of the complex touches and features in lieu of a simple design, the price of the shed will reflect that. Simply put: for the best price on a waterproof structure that will last for decades, you want one of these pre-built sheds.
  2. Get Your Shed Sooner – We’re very pleased to be able to say that there has never been a greater demand for our products than ever before. Of course, that can lead to longer wait times for custom sheds. For a shorter lead time, we recommend buying one of our pre-made sheds to get the storage you need much sooner. This can be particularly crucial during our busiest times over the spring and summer.
  3. You Get the Most Popular Options – Designing a custom shed can be an exciting experience and we are always ready to walk you through your options and give advice. However, it is also a lot to think about and represents extra decisions you need to make. When you buy a prefabricated shed, you’ll be guaranteed to get a great look from one of our most popular models! Check out some of our most popular shed models right here!


What Does a Prefabricated Shed Cost?

Saving money on an essential purchase is one of the primary advantages of buying a prefabricated shed. While the price will differ based on the material used, the size, and the specific style, here are the average estimates for a prefabricated shed cost as of the time of writing in Spring 2022:

  • Small Shed (8X10) – Approximately between $2,700 to $3,400
  • Medium Shed (10X14) – $3,500 to $4,700
  • Large Shed (12X16) – $4,500 to $6,000

These prefabricated shed costs increase when the shed is built with vinyl rather than painted Smartside. In addition, some models like the classic A-frame shed will cost more than a quaker style shed.

Shopping for a bargain? Check out a variety of sheds under $4,000!

Affordable pre-made shed


See Our Stock & Get Prices on Pre-Built Sheds

The storage you need has never been easier to get or more affordable. If you want a high-quality shed to store your mower, lawn tools, or other valuables, any of our sheds will do everything you need. Every single Glick Woodworks shed is hand-built by real Amish craftsmen right in Lancaster, PA. Plus, we make it easy to make it yours since our crews handle delivery and set up!

If you’re ready to start shopping our pre-built sheds, we encourage you to reach out to our team to check what we have in stock and to get prices.


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