How Much Are Sheds? Price Breakdown

You know you need a reliable new shed – you just don’t know what’s it going to cost you. We’re here to help! The #1 question we hear from homeowners and potential customers is, “How much are sheds?” The answer depends upon multiple factors, but an average price is between $3,000 and $5,000.

At Glick Woodworks, we sell high-quality Amish sheds that homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other areas rely on. While many shed builders don’t want to share cost info, we know our   prices are fair – so we’re happy to list them here. Keep reading as we dig into the question, “How much are sheds?” and see some average shed prices on the top styles.


How Much is a Storage Shed?

The primary factors that influence shed price are the shed style, the size, and the siding material. For the purpose of our comparison, we’re going to give prices based on a standard 10X12 size with different materials and styles. If you want an answer to the pressing question “how much is a storage shed” we’re breaking down average prices as of time of writing in the spring of 2022:


Quaker Sheds

how much are sheds

One of our most popular shed styles, the Quaker shed features a signature overhang off the roof. This moderately priced shed delivers ample storage for lawn tools and even provides great space for a mid-sized mower. Homeowners like this style for both its look and its practicality.

Average Cost for Wood: $3,400

Average Cost for Vinyl: $4,000


Dutch Barns

how much are vinyl sheds

Very similar to the Quaker shed, the Dutch barn stands out thanks to its signature rounded gambrel roof. While the layout is almost identical to the Quaker shed, the unique roof structure makes it cost a little more.

Average Cost for Wood: $3,700

Average Cost for Vinyl: $4,100


Mini Barns

How much is a storage shed

If you’re asking, “How much is a storage shed?” because you want the best price, this is the option for you. This no-frills shed offers unbeatable space for the money and has a unique rustic look. Plus, the layout of this shed makes it ideal for large zero turn mowers.

Average Cost for Wood: $3,000

Average Cost for Vinyl: $3,400

See what the best sheds for zero turn mowers have in common.


Victorian Sheds

how much is a vinyl storage shed from PA

A deluxe shed, the Victorian style is designed to deliver identical storage potential in a dressed-up exterior. Homeowners love the accessories such as the shutters, extra door, and dormers. For some homeowners, the beautiful accessories easily justify the added price.

Average Cost for Wood: $5,100

Average Cost for Vinyl: $5,500


Why Amish Quality is Essential

When it comes to sheds, there are a few important qualities to look for. First and foremost, you want a shed that will provide protection against the elements. Our Amish-built sheds are crafted with superior siding and real shingle roofs that ensure leaks will not be an issue. Additionally, our sheds are built to last. With meticulous construction and high-quality materials, our sheds easily last 25+ years. So, when you’re looking for a shed for your garden, be sure to look for one that is well-constructed and made to last!

Learn even more about the Amish shed quality difference!


Get Your Exact Shed Price Right Now

Now you have a solid answer for the question “how much are sheds?”! If you’re ready to bring home one of these structures or any of our other styles, we can help. The first step is to get an exact price from our team. While the cost will be very close to what we profiled here, you can always add extra features and accessories.

Contact us right now to ask any questions you may have, get your exact price, and schedule your delivery!

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