How Much Does an Amish Shed Cost?

All over America, Amish craftsmen are known for their unparalleled skills building a wide variety of structures. Amish sheds in particular are recognized for their gorgeous style and a durability that lasts for decades. However, that legendary quality has homeowners wondering, “How much does an Amish shed cost?” The answer is often a lot less than you think. At Glick Woodworks, we offer sheds at almost every price point, starting at under $2,000.

Glick Woodworks is a leading builder of Amish sheds in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Not only do we pair homeowners with the perfect sheds for their homes and budget, but we give you all the info you need to make your decision. In today’s blog we’re highlighting our Amish shed prices for a variety of different options.

Our Amish Shed Prices

The three main factors that determine Amish shed prices are the size of the structure, the material it’s built with, and the shed style. These prices are a great starting point, but it is important to remember that they are subject to change.

Here we’re breaking down some of our most popular sheds, at a wide range of price points:

A-Frame Storage Shed with Smart Side

8x12 classic a-frame amish shed price

Price Range: Around $1,900

One of our standard shed styles built using the budget-friendly LP Painted Smart Side. For around $1,900 you’ll be able to have an 8’X12’ storage shed that’ll be big enough for a riding mower and other storage. By using LP Smart Side, this shed model lets you have access to a decent sized structure in a popular style — all for a very good price.

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Budget Vinyl Barn Option

8x12 mini barn storage shed prices

Prince Range: Around $1,900

Using the backyard mini-barn style, this budget storage structure gets you an ultra-durable full vinyl structure at the same price as a Smart Side shed. Once again, if you choose this option, you’ll have 8’X12’ of storage to use. However, some homeowners don’t think the budget Amish shed price is worth sacrificing having two main windows and the A-frame shed style.

A-Frame Storage Shed with Vinyl Siding

classic a-frame shed prices

Prince Range: Around $2,800

The vinyl siding version of our first option, this shed provides the A-frame shed style with ample storage and the ultra-durable vinyl siding. All in all, this is one of our best value options and a great entry shed at the price point. Matching the siding color and trim of the shed to your home is easy and a great way to enhance your outdoor style.

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Stylish Victorian Vinyl Shed

10x20 victorian vinyl shed prices

Prince Range: Around $4,600

These gorgeous luxury styles can raise the Amish shed prices, but they are still a great value for everything you get in return. This luxury shed features a walk-in door and a dormer to create a distinct backyard look. Just like our other options, this shed is large enough to store your power equipment and other essentials.

Large Vinyl Dutch Barn

large vinyl dutch barn prices

Prince Range: Around $4,000

This option is for those who require a larger amount of storage space without sacrificing the look or the vinyl quality of their outdoor structure. Bigger than the other models we’ve featured here, this barn is an essential choice for households with lots of recreation or power equipment — or if you want to build your shed into an outdoor hangout space. This barn style shed comes standard with two windows, but you can always add more.

Ultra-Budget Vinyl Shed

6x8 a-frame amish shed prices

Prince Range: Around $1,600

Our most budget-priced Amish shed, this is a great option if you need a small amount of backyard storage at the lowest possible price. While it only checks in at 6’X8’, this can provide enough storage for hand tools and other essentials. However, despite the budget price tag, you can still count on the Amish quality we build into every single one of our structures.

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The Amish Quality Difference

No matter how large or how small, and no matter the price tag, when you buy from Glick Woodworks, you can count on quality. Unlike the sheds you’ll find at the hardware store, every single one of our sheds was built in our workshop by skilled craftsmen — not in a factory by the thousands. In addition, we only use premium materials like vinyl siding or LP Painted Smart Side rather than the metal or rubber that an ultra-cheap shed will be built from.

That’s why you can count on any of our sheds to last for decades — rather than for a few years before falling apart. Stop by our sales lot to see our shed quality in-person and you’ll know that the Amish reputation for quality is well-deserved.

Get Your Amish Shed Quote Today

So, now you have a pretty good answer to the question, “How much does an Amish shed cost?” If you’re ready to get the exact price for your Amish shed, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you find the shed style that’s right for your needs and matches your price point.

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