Large Sheds: Maximum Storage & Extra Space

When you don’t want to choose between storing the riding mower and keeping your garden tools organized, our large sheds are the solution for you. These structures provide more than enough space for homeowners with a lot of stuff or a huge catalog of outdoor equipment. Explore some of our recent large storage sheds that were built to look amazing and boast huge storage potential!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that custom crafts a wide variety of high-quality outdoor structures. In today’s blog, our team is highlighting sheds that promise all of the storage most people could ever need, while also leaving extra room for a work bench or other flexible space. Find the large shed that meets your needs and your style — and get the prices to take care of everything!

5 Huge Sheds for Endless Possibilities

There are some homeowners who need a compact garden shed — and we’re happy to build it for them. That’s not you, though, and that’s not what you’ll find in this blog. All of these huge sheds are guaranteed to provide ample area for expensive power equipment, boxes of stuff, and more, like extra space to spend your free time. Plus, like all structures carrying the Glick Woodworks name, you can expect our sheds to look absolutely stunning in your yard, too!

12’X32’ A-Frame

large storage shed

This large storage shed provides nearly 400 feet of watertight storage in an attractive package. The one set of double doors makes this structure perfect for storing — and accessing — one or more ATVs or riding mowers. Finally, the attractive white and red color scheme is sure to bring an extra splash of style to your backyard.

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huge sheds

Built with wood siding in a beautiful blue color, this large storage shed boasts both a big footprint and extra high walls for maximum storage. This space would be perfect for storing a huge riding mower in the one half and filling the second half with boxes and tools. This structure is a great example of our ever-popular barn style sheds — just much bigger than average!

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large a-frame storage shed

This huge shed boasts huge style, too. There’s no question that this shed can handle all of the backyard tools and toys you’d want to fill it with, but there’s more. The ample natural light coming through the windows, door panels, and transom windows makes this shed feel very comfortable to spend time in. This could be a great model for either an office shed or a she shed!

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large dutch barn shed

If you’re drawn to the rustic style, this large storage shed might be just what you’re looking for. This Dutch barn shed has a rounded gambrel roof like a barn but is laid out like a traditional shed model, making it great for flexible storage.

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huge a-frame shed

One of the more interesting pieces we’ve built, this large shed pairs solid storage dimensions with a covered porch, perfect for entertaining. The A-frame shed section is able to provide a solid storage solution, while the attached porch offers shade and a great view of the customer’s beautiful property.

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Also Building Great Garages!

While these huge sheds are enough to handle almost any backyard power equipment or a large collection of important belongings, some homeowners still need more. That’s why we also build modular garages and on-site garages.

Just like with our large storage sheds, our garages come in a wide range of attractive styles and can be built to order to ensure you have more than enough space for your needs. You may also want to choose a garage instead of a shed if you want to store vehicles or convert the loft into a living space — and garages provide both of those opportunities.

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Bringing storage and the style of a shed to your backyard not only makes your life easier, but it boosts your property value, too. If any of these large sheds caught your attention, we can build one just like it for you. However, if you want to build something completely custom from the ground up, we’re happy to work with you.

Either way, the first step is to reach out to our sales team to discuss your project and to get quotes! Contact us to get started!

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