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Building your perfect shed is a matter of getting the style you like, paired with the storage you need, all for a price that matches your budget. Easier said than done — until now anyway! At Glick Woodworks, we built our fully-custom shed design software to make designing your perfect shed — while getting an immediate price estimate — easy and intuitive.

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While our shed design software is user-friendly enough that you can dive right in, we’re providing you with a tutorial if you want to learn more about how to use it and all of the options that are available. However, if talking to an expert is more your style, we encourage you to reach out to our shed designers today!

How to Use Our Shed Design Program

The Glick Woodworks shed design program will show you a 3D rendering of what your shed will look like — and it updates itself with every change you make. To ensure our design center is extra easy to use, the software works just as well if you use it on your phone, a tablet, or a laptop or desktop.

Here are a few basic things to know:

  1. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in on features of your shed.
  2. By clicking the mouse and dragging, you can rotate to see your shed from all angles.
  3. If at any point you don’t like the shed you’ve made, simply hit the red reset button to start over!

Here’s where to start when designing with our custom shed software:

Style — Open this tab to make your choice of one of our most popular shed models. Selecting the right style is important as it determines the look of your shed and some of the accessory options that are available to pick. From our tried-and-true A-frame sheds to our niche shed styles and even garages, you have plenty of options to choose from.

shed design program

shed design software size tab

Size — The size of your storage shed is an important factor in making certain you have ample space to house all of your stuff in your new waterproof structure. You can choose a size from a list of dimensions in which each shed is available. You’ll see the larger or smaller size updated in the 3D shed rendering and in your overall price.

Doors, Windows, Exterior — Under this tab you can make numerous custom changes to your shed. You can decide whether you want vinyl or wood siding as well as adding accessories like shutters, cupolas, and more. In addition, you can add doors or windows to the shed by clicking the blue “Add Door” or “Add Window” box and then clicking on the shed siding to place it.

shed design program doors tab

shed design software color tab

Color — Here’s where you can make your shed style enhance your backyard décor or match your home. Our shed design program gives you the ability to change the entire color scheme of the shed and know right away if you like your custom style. You have the option to select siding colors, trim colors, roof shingle colors, shutter colors, and even the door color.

Interior — The final step in designing your shed involves selecting the interior options you want included in your structure. While these options don’t show up in the visual rendering of our design center, they are reflected in the price estimate that we provide to make sure our estimate is as accurate as possible. The interior options include popular add-ons like shelving, workbenches, and ultra-durable shed floor upgrades.

shed design program interior tab

Count on Amish Quality

custom a-frame shed

While our design software may be very 21st century, our sheds are built with a dedication to classic and reliable workmanship. Compared to a shed you’d buy at a hardware store, Glick Woodworks’ sheds will easily outlast and outperform them. Our Amish-crafted sheds are built by real woodworking craftsmen one at a time rather than on assembly lines in massive factories.

This quality difference is the main reason that our Amish sheds can easily provide 20+ years of leak performance while the competition won’t survive a fraction of that.

Learn more about the difference between Amish sheds and big box store sheds.

Get a Quote from Our Shed Design Software

One of the best parts about using our shed design software is how easy it is to get your official quote. Once you have your perfect shed designed and you like the estimated price, all you need to do is simply submit your design to get your quote.

However, if you’d rather skip the design center, you can always submit a form or give us a call, too. Reach out right now to get the right shed for you!

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