What is the Best Shed Foundation?

Whether you’re building a shed yourself or you’re buying one from a professional, a good shed foundation is crucial to ensuring it lasts. The best shed base is a stone pad, which is essentially a layer of loose stones that the structure sits on. This simple and inexpensive foundation keeps the shed stable and protected from damage.

At Glick Woodworks, we have been building attractive and durable sheds for decades throughout PA and beyond. We can say from personal experience that this type of shed foundation is a key element of our sheds’ long lifespan. Here’s what you need to know if you’re installing on your own — or if you’re shopping for quotes.

Getting Your Shed Base Right

best shed base

The best base for a shed should be made of 4.5 inches of fresh, clean stones distributed evenly across the ground where the shed will sit. The pad should be a foot wider on all sides than the shed footprint to ensure sufficient coverage. Since a proper shed pad is important to the longevity of your structure, we recommend it with all of our new sheds. Stone pads by Glick Woodworks are offered within 70 miles from our location only.

A properly placed shed base protects the structure in the following ways:

  • Protects Against Moisture: Without a good foundation, your shed can be left sitting in puddles after a rainstorm. All that standing water has the tendency to rot the shed foundation and floor. A pad of loose stones allows the water to filter through the pad, keeping the shed structure relatively dry.
  • Keeps it Level: When we install a stone pad, keeping it level is one of the most important aspects. Without a level stone pad, your shed can become uneven over time, which can lead to structural issues.
  • Prevents Animals from Getting In: Your shed should be home to old bicycles and garden equipment — not a wasp colony or a badger. A stone pad makes it much more challenging for animals to burrow into the structure and set up home. Learn more about protecting your shed from animals and insects.

Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Shed Pad

shed pad with plant perimeter

We know that for some homeowners, our luxury sheds are a crucial component of a carefully-curated backyard décor. Since every element of your backyard can contribute to the style, you can dress up the shed pad to make it more beautiful without doing anything to limit its effectiveness. Here are some of our favorite ways to accessorize a shed foundation:

  • Plant a Perimeter: Make it a garden shed, literally. Plant a ring of mid-height plants around your shed to add another pop of color to your property. Once the foliage gets taller, the leaves will spread out and add to your landscaping.
  • Furnish with a Fence: Another way to decorate your shed pad, you can build a decorative small fence around the area. Plus, a tiny fence makes for a cute accessory that can add even more personality to your backyard. Learn more about the most popular shed styles right here!

Get Your Shed & Foundation Quote from Glick Woodworks

If you’re looking to buy a shed that will last for decades, we’re the team to trust. The Amish shed builders at Glick Woodworks craft a wide range of sheds built to both look amazing and last as long as you need.

Not only do we custom build your garden shed, but we also handle the installation, including placing it on the crucial shed foundation. Whether you’re ready for your quote or you want to learn more about what makes our sheds stand out, contact us today!

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