6 Shed Organization Ideas

Stuff…you probably have a lot of it. Like the name implies, your storage shed has an important job to do: storing your stuff. More than just keeping your belongings in one place that’s out of the weather, you want to keep your things organized and easy to access. The right shed organization ideas keep your shed clutter-free — see some of our favorite suggestions!

At Glick Woodworks, we build sheds that look fantastic, last for decades, and solve problems for our customers. Learn how to organize the inside of a shed with our unbeatable built-in shed organization ideas. You can incorporate these tried-and-true ideas on your own or include them when ordering a custom shed from us.

How to Organize the Inside of a Shed

how to organize the inside of a shed

Figuring out how to organize the inside of a shed is all about knowing what you need to store and finding the most space-efficient way to do it. Whether you need to store hand tools, your old trail bike, gardening gear, or a full riding mower, the right organization features make it easy. The right shed storage ideas turn the most cluttered nightmare into an ultra-convenient arrangement of your stuff — see how it’s done!

  1. Place a Peg Board: These nifty organizational tools are affixed to your shed wall where they provide ample hanging storage space. By using clips or hangers, peg boards are most often used for hanging all manner of hand tools. However, numerous properly placed pegs are often used to store bicycles.

    Whether you nail a peg board to the wall as a weekend project or we put it in new with the structure, this is one of the most popular shed organization ideas.
  2. Secure Some Shelving: One of the simplest ways to store almost anything, shelving is a great feature you can include to organize the inside of a shed. This is a necessary add-on if you plan to use your shed to provide supplemental storage for your home. Our standard shelving comes in 16 inch and 32 inch widths. Once again, building your own durable shelving is easy enough for most handy homeowners, however, if you’re building new with Glick Woodworks, we’ll handle it for you.
  3. Add a Work Bench: If you plan to use your shed as a space for tinkering on different projects, a work bench is a crucial component. However, even if your shed is purely for storage, it can help when figuring out how to organize the inside of a shed. The extra, raised flat space works for keeping important items arranged and close at hand.

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  4. Build a Loft: A great way to store large power tools like your hedge trimmers, weed whackers, and chainsaws, a loft is an essential shed organization idea that we recommend. A loft gives you ample room for your biggest stuff, while leaving your floor space open. However, this is one storage solution that you probably can’t build on your own.

    In order to have as much height as possible for your loft space, you’ll want to choose a shed style with higher ceilings. We recommend the high wall barn, the classic A-frame, or the Dutch barn.
  5. Include Extra Floor Space for Plastic Bins: Miscellaneous storage made easy! Build your shed big enough and you’ll have the space to store anything and everything. We recommend using the plastic organization bins you can buy at any big box store. Along with a pest-proof and watertight shed, these sturdy plastic bins make your shed safe enough to store valuables and collectibles.
  6. Save Room for the Riding Mower: While this shed organization idea isn’t an accessory to add on, it can help solve one of the biggest homeowner storage problems. By maximizing the shed floor space with these other organizational ideas, you can likely free up enough space to store your riding mower.

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The Amish Shed Quality Difference

shed organization ideas for high wall barn

Now that you know how to organize the inside of a shed, you need to know the importance of selecting the RIGHT shed. The construction quality of the shed itself determines how long the shed will last and how secure your stuff will be when stored inside.

While you can buy bargain-bin priced sheds at most hardware stores, you probably won’t be very satisfied with their quality. These ultra-cheap sheds tend to have roofs that leak, walls that crack, and a foundation that lets in pests.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re a custom shed builder who handcrafts each and every one of our sheds to ensure they provide you decades of watertight performance. Check out our full shed quality comparison.

Bring Your Shed Organization Ideas Home with Glick Woodworks

Keeping your shed organized is a matter of having the right know-how and the right shed. Now that you have the scoop on all of the best shed organization ideas, all you need is the perfect Amish-built shed.

Whether you have more questions about how to organize the inside of a shed — or you’re ready to start shopping — the first step is to reach out. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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