Sheds Under $4,000 That Do It All

A high-quality shed can be used for almost anything. With the right ideas and the right custom options, one of our sheds can provide you with more solutions than you’d expect — without overextending your budget. Whether you care more about maximum storage space or upscale style, we have sheds under $4,000 that match your needs.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re a custom Amish shed builder that crafts a wide range of durable and attractive structures. No matter how you plan to use a shed and what advantages you care about the most, you’ll find what you’re looking for and stay within your budget. Explore sheds under $4,000 that are perfect for different purposes!

Versatile Sheds for Storage, Style, & More

The right shed for you is determined by what you care most about and what you plan to do with it. Take a look at how you can use these versatile sheds — and see our recommendation of the shed style to buy (as well as the price for an average size model).

Storing Power Equipment (Lawn Mower or ATV)

versatile sheds

  • Recommendation: A-Frame Shed
  • Approximate Price: $3,800

One of the most common reasons that people need a shed is to keep their new piece of equipment out of the elements. Whether you invested in a huge snow blower, an ATV, a zero turn mower, or something else, it deserves quality storage space. To make sure you have room to maneuver your machine (as well as to include extra flexible storage), you’ll likely want to select slightly wider dimensions. Plus, consider adding a ramp as well for extra maneuverability. This versatile shed often has enough extra space to store other pieces of garden equipment or outdoor games, too.

Shop A-Frame Sheds Upscale Style

victorian shed under 4000

  • Recommendation: Victorian Shed
  • Approximate Price: $4,000

For some people, having an attractive structure in their backyard — especially if it matches the look of their home — is their main focus when building a shed. While they need to store stuff, these homeowners care far more about the aesthetic than the practical touches! Our Victorian sheds are perfect for this purpose. Versatile sheds as far as their layout is concerned, Victorian sheds are most notable for several key features, including the dormer, the decorative glass patterns in the doors, and the shuttered windows. Despite their upscale style, Victorians are a great option for a shed under $4,000.

Shop Victorian Sheds Maximum Square Footage

versatile mini barn

  • Recommendation: Mini Barn
  • Approximate Price: $3,500

When it comes to getting the most square footage for your money, a mini barn is your best bet. This versatile shed is in the shape of a small barn, with one door and one window. This is our recommendation when you need a truly large amount of space to store lawn equipment, boxes of valuables, or both. This is such an economically priced shed model that you can get a 12X20 mini barn for under $4,000! While the practical space is the main reason to choose this style, the attractive rustic barn style shed look also wins over many homeowners.

Shop Mini Barns

Why Amish Quality Matters So Much

At Glick Woodworks, we happily advertise our shed prices because we know they are fair for the quality we offer and very competitive for the market. However, there’s no question that you can find a much cheaper shed — you’ll just wish that you hadn’t. At almost any big box hardware store chain, you’ll find sheds that cost less but are more trouble than they’re worth. While a well-made Amish shed provides decades of watertight storage, these cheap sheds may leak as soon as you get them home and will likely fall apart completely after just a few years in the elements.

See more about the Amish shed quality difference.

Shop Sheds under $4,000 & More

Whether you need the perfect place to park your epic zero turn mower or the extra space to finally get organized, one of these versatile sheds can deliver it. Plus, you’ll also be able to tailor the style to your backyard aesthetic, giving you one more thing to appreciate about the new structure. You can get all of these advantages without draining your vacation fund, as we offer numerous sheds under $4,000 in different sizes and styles!

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