Small Sheds That Won’t Let You Down

If you only need a small amount of backyard storage space, then this may be the perfect option for you. Ultimately, if you aren’t going to use the space — and you don’t want to take up excess room in your yard — there’s no sense in buying a huge shed. Instead, one of our small sheds will provide you unbeatable watertight storage with a small footprint and an affordable price tag.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts a huge variety of sheds in different styles and sizes. However, all Glick sheds have the same commitment to quality construction, providing decades of longevity. See some of our most popular small sheds — and build with us today!

Sheds Under $2,500

While you never want to compromise on shed quality to save money, you can absolutely still get a top-notch storage shed at an unbeatable price. By opting for slightly smaller dimensions, you can secure amazing quality at a budget-friendly price. All of these sheds under $2,500 will deliver decades of weatherproof storage:

8X10 A-Frame Shed

sheds under 2500

This shed is a slightly smaller version of our popular A-frame model. With a single window and a standard shed door, this structure offers solid outdoor storage for things like boxes of valuables, tools, and lawn games. In addition, since this is a vinyl sided shed, you’ll never need to worry about rot or mold affecting the ultra-durable siding. Bottom line: this is a stellar small shed!

Shop A-Frame Sheds 8X12 Mini Barn

small mini-barn shed

One of the bigger options for sheds under $2,500, this model uses the mini barn style to great effect. While it is one of our most affordable options, it has more than enough room to store a zero-turn mower — yet is still modestly sized. The layout of this rustic style shed ensures there will be enough space for a piece of lawn equipment as well as other items.

Shop Mini Barns 8X10 Quaker Shed

quaker shed under 2500

Quaker sheds are one of the most popular shed designs that we build at Glick Woodworks, and it isn’t difficult to see why! The 8X10 Quaker shed offers this sought-after style in a small footprint. This small shed includes two vinyl windows and a full shed door. The red trim paired with the white accents and tan siding create an undeniably stylish color scheme. This shed proves that you can have an absolutely gorgeous shed while sticking to a budget.

Shop Quaker Sheds

Custom Shed Design Center

While any of these sheds under $2,500 will deliver everything you need, they’re just the beginning of your options. Since custom choices are at the core of our design process, we built a 3D design center to help you envision your perfect shed. This unique piece of software lets you specify the style and dimensions you need and then outfit it with a selection of accessories. The whole time you’re putting together your custom structure you get to see a full 3D rendering of what it will look like from any angle. This tool is fantastic when trying to keep the price low, as the design center provides a running estimate of what your structure will cost as you make adjustments.

Try the 3D shed design center right here to get started!

Get Quotes on Small Sheds Right Here

More and more, homeowners are beginning to see that small sheds can be the ideal choice for saving money while still getting the superior structure they want. Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to pay for larger storage space that you know you’ll never use. Did one of these sheds under $2,500 catch your eye? We’d love to build it for you!

If you have questions, want to get an exact price on any of these sheds, or are ready to place your order, our team is ready to help. Reach out right here!

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