What Makes for The Best Companies that Move Sheds?

Moving a shed can be a tremendous way to save serious money while getting to keep the shed you like and already invested in. Making sure you choose the right team to handle your shed relocation is one of the most important factors to ensure the entire process goes well. Discover exactly what to look for in the best companies that move sheds!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder and shed mover than serves much of the East Coast. We are one of the first local companies that moves sheds, and we know what it takes to make sure it goes right. Check out what traits set us apart and get a quote from our team today!


Traits of Top Notch Shed Moving Teams

As shed moving has become a more popular solution for homeowners, more crews than ever are popping up to do the work. Some are great – and others leave a lot to be desired. The right crew will ensure that the shed move is convenient for you and safe for your valuable shed. Here are the key traits that set top notch shed moving teams apart from the rest:

  • Experienced Team Members – The best shed moving companies are only as good as the team behind them. Make sure that the team handling your project actually specializes in moving sheds and has a track record of success. This will give you an indication that your shed is in good hands.
  • Have a The Proper Equipment – Top notch shed moving starts with top notch equipment. Make sure that they have a mule, a piece of power equipment specifically designed to lift and transport storage sheds. This is essential to ensure the move goes smoothly. If a company doesn’t have something like this, you don’t want to trust your job to them.
  • Knows about Sheds – The best companies that move sheds oftentimes build their own sheds as well. You want to be able to feel confident that the people moving your shed are knowledgeable about these structures specifically – which will ensure the moving process goes well. Plus, if you decide you’d rather buy a new shed rather than move the one you have, they can help you with that, too.
  • Can Handle Multiple Sizes – The ability to handle larger sheds and structures is a key sign of a top notch shed moving company. Even if you don’t have a large shed yourself, it’s worth inquiring about. Simply put, if you know a company can handle moving a double-wide shed, you know they’ve invested in a fleet of heavy equipment and their crews are comfortable with almost any job. At Glick Woodworks, we are happy to handle anything from small 8X8 woodsheds all the way to large double wide sheds.

What Determines the Price of Our Services?

Companies that move sheds

If you’re thinking about moving your shed, there are a few things you should know about how pricing works. First of all, the length of the total trip will impact the price; the longer the distance, the higher the cost. Secondly, the size of the shed or structure will also affect the pricing – larger structures will be more expensive to move. Lastly, required permitting or escort vehicles can also add to the cost.

See the average cost of moving a shed and learn more here!


Get Prices from the Best Shed Moving Company

At Glick Woodworks, we have ample experience in moving all types of sheds. Standing out among the best companies that move sheds, our team is experienced in working with all types of materials and designs, so you can rest assured that your shed is in good hands! We understand that a shed is vulnerable during transport, so our goal is to make the process as safe and efficient as possible. Whether you need a vinyl shed or wooden shed moved, we have you covered.

Contact us today to learn more about our shed moving services – and to get prices.

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