3 Best-Selling Shed Designs in 2022

If you’re only starting your shed search, you’ll be surprised at the truly wide variety of shed designs you can choose from. These different styles change everything from the look of the structure to the advantages that come with it. See the top 3 best sellers – and bring one home today!

At Glick Woodworks, we build Amish storage sheds that homeowners throughout PA and beyond love. Although we can build 100% custom sheds, most homeowners choose from a standard shed design. We’re breaking down the most popular styles right here!


The Most Popular Garden Shed Designs You Can Bring Home

These are the sheds that have proven to be the most popular with homeowners in 2022. All of these garden shed designs deliver a distinct look and key advantages. Dig in right here:

A Frame Shed

Classic garden shed design and ideas

Always among the top selling sheds, the A-frame style stands out due to its perfectly triangular roof shape. From a practical standpoint the layout of this shed makes for a huge variety of possibilities. This A frame adds a nice aesthetic that enhances any backyard décor. Plus, the trim and style match naturally with the look of most suburban homes. See more about matching your home to your shed right here!

  • A Frame Profile Looks Great
  • Matches Suburban Homes
  • Tons of Possibilities
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High Wall Barn

garden shed design for storage

For those who love the rustic look, a high wall barn can be the perfect choice. This structure has the gambrel roof of a barn – yet is the size of a shed. One of the best things about this garden shed design is the layout. By having the main doors on the short side, it allows you to park a very large lawn mower with ease. Lastly, this shed design tends to be more affordable as well.

  • Rustic Style
  • Affordable Price
  • Great for Large Mowers
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Classic A-Frame Shed

classic shed design

The fancier version of our traditional A frame sheds, this garden shed design brings serious beauty to any backyard. This upscale structure differs from the standard A-frame through the extra door and the gable vent, adding practicality and style. We often see these luxury structures used for backyard hangouts like she sheds and outdoor man caves

  • Luxury Style
  • Perfect For She Sheds & Man Caves
  • A Frame Profile Looks Great
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These are our 3 most popular shed designs among homeowners in our area. Each one delivers the must-have practical advantages – paired with a unique sense of style. While these might be the best-selling picks, they are far from the only options around. See all of our shed styles right here!


Custom Create Your Design with Us

You can’t go wrong with any these shed designs – because every single one of them will look great and perform impeccably. All of our Amish-built sheds are crafted to last 25+ years out in the elements. That is more than 5 times the lifetime you can expect from a mediocre shed bought from a big box store. That’s because our sheds are handmade from the same materials as a home. It’s easy to see why Amish quality is renowned throughout the country.

An-Frame Shed, a Classic A-Frame or a High Wall Barn – you can’t go wrong with any of these styles. Of course, if you want to custom build a 100% unique shed, we’re happy to help with that too. Whether there’s a unique look you want to see or you have a one-of-a-kind job, we can design the perfect shed for you.

The first step is a conversation with our team to discuss designs and get prices – reach out right here!


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