6 Backyard Office Shed Ideas You’ll Love

As remote work becomes more and more prevalent, many people are looking for ways to create a dedicated workspace in their homes. One increasingly popular solution is to build a backyard office shed. These standalone structures provide a separate, private space for work, while also allowing for a quick commute to and from the house.

At Glick Woodworks, we specialize in quality, Amish-built sheds and garages and offer an abundance of options to turn any shed into the perfect home office. If you’re considering building a backyard office shed, check out 6 of our favorite outdoor office shed ideas.

Outdoor Office Shed Ideas for a Dedicated Workspace

When it comes to building an outdoor office shed, the design of the building you choose will set the tone for your work from home life. We’re highlighting a variety of backyard office shed ideas to give you a taste of what’s possible.

1. The Classic Shed

Classic vinyl A-Frame shed can be used as an outdoor office

The most basic outdoor office shed idea is a simple, traditional structure, like this Classic A-frame shed from Glick Woodworks. A classic A-frame shed can be a great option for those on a tight budget. This outdoor office option also provides a blank canvas for customization, so you can make the space your own.

2. The Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn outdoor office shed in vinyl

Inspired by the historic barns in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Dutch Barn’s roomy interior makes it a great outdoor office shed idea, providing plenty of overhead storage, large windows, double doors and more. You can even add shelving for more organizational possibilities! Start customizing your own Dutch Barn shed here.

3. Garage Shed

Vinyl garage shed - great home office idea

Though you might not think of a garage as an outdoor office shed idea, the large garage door on Glick Woodwork’s one-car garage sheds provides flexibility for any home office workspace, especially if you need room to store larger items. Garages are a great office shed idea for small businesses, too!

4. Two-Story Studio

2-story garage office space

Another great option to consider when building your outdoor office is the 2-story, one-car garage shed. This backyard office shed is perfect for work from home professionals or business owners who want to add a standard office space on the first floor and need additional storage upstairs. Plus, the small footprint of a one-car garage means it will fit comfortably in many backyards.

5. Elite Garages

Elite garage shown in red vinyl. Perfect for backyard office.

If you’re looking for a more upscale office shed idea, our Elite line of garages might be the perfect fit.

Featuring premium options like larger windows, transom windows in both gables, stylish carriage-style doors and more, the Elite garage is a home office with personal touches that will invite you back to work every day with style.

6. Two Story Double Wide Garages

Double-wide, 2-story garage for backyard office or studio

If you have the space and the budget, our two-story double-wide garages might be the most practical and functional office shed idea on our list. Imagine a spacious first floor for a large office or even several workstations dedicated to different areas of your work.

This double-wide, 2-story garage also features a spacious second floor for storage, or separate office area. This is a great option for couples who both require a dedicated home office space – or, use the first floor to store your vehicles and the upstairs as a home office!

By building an outdoor office shed that serves more than one function, you can maximize the use of your backyard space and make the most of your investment.

When Considering Office Shed Designs, What Size is Best?

We’ve given you quite a few office shed designs to consider, but it’s also important to decide on the best size for your new space. The size you choose for your backyard office shed will depend on several factors that include:

  1. The available space on your property
  2. The type of work you do and how you will use the space
  3. Your budget
  4. Your personal preferences (Do you like lots of open space or prefer a cozy work area?)

Because you’ll want a space that can easily accommodate a desk and an office chair with some room for lighting, we typically recommend an office shed design that is at least 10’x12′. If you plan to meet clients or customers in your office space, you’ll want to opt for something a bit larger to provide plenty of room for visitors.

When deciding on the right office size for you, we recommend taking measurements of your current office space and planning from there – this will help you picture how large your backyard office shed will need to be to meet your needs.

With a bit of planning and creativity, you can create a functional and comfortable office shed design that will help you stay productive while enjoying the benefits of working from home.

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Ready to build your dedicated backyard office shed? At Glick Woodworks, we provide a bevy of options to turn any backyard shed into the comfortable work from home space you’ve been dreaming about.

Check out our complete line of sheds or garages to start customizing your unique outdoor office in our 3D design center and get a quote today.

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