Board and Batten Sheds: Get Inspired & Build with Us

Any shed from Glick Woodworks will keep your things secure and last for decades out in your yard. However, if you also want it to have a unique and gorgeous look that you love to see in your backyard, we may have the perfect shed for you! One of the most eye-catching and on-trend shed styles are board and batten sheds, which brings a truly distinctive siding style to your backyard!

These distinct and attractive sheds are just one of our luxury sheds that pair a standout appearance with our tried-and-true quality. Our shed builders are always designing new shed styles to match leading trends and to provide our customers with the most beautiful sheds on the market. Explore more about our board and batten sheds — and see why homeowners love them!

Why to Love a Shed with Board and Batten Siding

shed with board and batten siding

Board and batten siding looks exceptional on homes, so it only makes sense that this striking siding type would look just as good on a shed, too. There are a lot of reasons to love a shed with board and batten siding — check out just a few:

  • Both Modern and Rustic — For versatile style, you just can’t top the look of board and batten. This classic building material has become popular for new construction in the 21st century — and it’s seen as a trending, modern material. However, the look itself evokes a rustic feel like an old country barn. Ultimately, this versatility makes a shed with board and batten siding perfect for a contemporary home in a new-build neighborhood. Of course, this look can also embody the rustic feel of (and pair well with) working horse barns!
  • Distinct Style in the Neighborhood — For the vast majority of our customers, board and batten sheds are an exterior design X-factor that helps their homes stand out in their neighborhoods. Chances are very good that no one else in your neighborhood has a shed quite like this. Expect a unique-looking, upscale shed like this to turn heads and earn compliments!
  • Huge Range of Color Options — Your shed with board and batten siding can come in a wide range of striking colors. From elegant white to rustic exposed wood, the color you select can help define the exterior style and match the rest of your home!
  • Must-Have for Board and Batten Houses — There’s no doubt that a shed with board and batten siding looks outstanding paired with any type of home. However, if your home has board and batten siding, your shed should have it, too. This type of material pairing creates truly amazing curb appeal. Matching a shed to your home siding is a classic design idea — and it’s even more impactful with such a gorgeous and niche material.
  • All of the Practical Advantages — While this may be a luxury option, it is also a Glick shed, so you can trust that it’s ready to work hard. Expect all of the practical advantages typical of our sheds, like watertight shingle roofs, leak-stopping vinyl windows, built-in storage, and even the option to add electricity. You can expect one of our board and batten sheds to last for decades!

Talk to Our Team About Custom Designs

custom shed design

As a true Amish builder, we custom craft everything in our Lancaster County workshop. Like so many of our shed lines, the first of our sheds with board and batten siding was a custom project for a creative homeowner. Likewise, if you have a need for a custom structure for your home — or you have a unique design idea — we can build it for you.

See a few of our unique sheds right here and get inspired to build something one-of-a-kind!

Get Your Quote on a Board and Batten Shed

One of these striking board and batten sheds may just be the perfect solution for your storage needs as well as the piece of backyard style you’ve been looking for. The first step to bringing one home is to discuss the shed dimensions you need — and to get a price to take care of everything. We encourage you to reach out to our team by giving us a call or filling out a form.

Contact us right now to get started!

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