Cabana Sheds for Style, Storage, & Shade

Having a beautiful inground pool is amazing – but a cabana takes it to the next level. Homeowners love our cabana sheds as they provide practical benefits and bring a luxury look to your pool. Discover more about these sheds and have our team build one for you!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re a custom shed builder who crafts luxury sheds that homeowners throughout PA love. While we are best known for our storage sheds, we have the ability to create almost anything. Check out some of the different cabana sheds we’ve built recently!


3 Pool Shed Models You Can Bring Home

Our pool sheds make a day spent by the pool more relaxed and more convenient. For example, if you need a place to store pool toys and other necessities, these sheds offer storage. Of course, one of these cabana sheds also provides great privacy for getting changed right by the pool. Lastly, if you want to escape the sun, you can always take shelter under the overhang or in the shed itself!

Here are 3 distinct pool sheds that we’ve built and what makes them unique:

 A Frame Cabana Shed

wooden pool shed for storage

This first cabana shed provides all the poolside convenience that the homeowners love. Located right at the waters’ edge, this A-frame style shed means your cabana is never far from where you need it. The transom window helps to set this structure apart as well. From a style perspective, the color of the shed closely matches the color of the house.

Learn more about matching the color of a shed to your home.’


Deluxe Cabana Shed

poolhouse shed with pergola

A backyard style showstopper, this pool shed redefines what’s possible with a backyard shed. Surrounded by a tan vinyl pergola and equipped with a cupola, this structure enhances the look of an already gorgeous outdoor space. This 14’X26’ two-story shed has ample room for storage, shade, and socializing. This cabana shed truly creates the look of a resort – right in the backyard!


A Frame Cabana Shed with Overhang

cabana shed with changing room

This shed brings ample space and a clean style to the backyard. While this is very similar to the first project we highlighted, this structure also features a double door to make storing large equipment easier. The standout feature of this piece is the four white vinyl columns that match the trim of the shed.


Customize the Look

While there’s no question that these pool sheds have several important practical jobs to do, style is essential. Good news: when you work with Glick Woodworks, you can completely customize the look of your shed! You can choose any of our main shed styles as the basis for your poolside shed. On top of that, you can select the siding and trim colors to match your home or other backyard features. Lastly, there are a wide range of accessories like stone veneer and cupolas with weathervanes to complete any shed we build for you. The bottom line is that as a true custom shed builder, we can create almost any shed or garage to fulfill your needs and match your tastes!

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Get Prices on Cabana Sheds Today

All three of these cabana sheds came about in the same way: a conversation with our shed builders. If you want to bring one of these sheds to your pool, we can help. In order to get started, we encourage you to reach out to our team. Not only will we be able to answer all of your questions and learn about your design ideas, but we’ll get you a fair price to make it a reality!

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