How to Build a Garage Living Space

It’s time to re-envision the garage! Contrary to popular belief: garages aren’t just for parking cars, storing lawnmowers, and packing boxes of stuff you can’t throw away. In the 21st century, finished garages are gaining big-time popularity as excellent living spaces. Homeowners are getting creative, turning finished garages into their home offices, detached apartments, finished storage spaces, and even personal man caves.

Check out the best garage on the market to convert into a living space — as well as the options that can transform your garage into a home office, apartment, or man cave.

The Best Garage to Turn into Your Finished Garage

Whether you’re looking for a modular structure to turn into a garage, office, apartment or man cave, the right garage in the beginning makes for the best finished garage in the end.

We recommend our 24’X24’ two-story double wide modular garage in a gambrel style. A gambrel style garage or barn features a symmetrical, dual-sided roof, and in general has a bell-shaped appearance.

two-story double wide modular garage in a gambrel style

This garage is ideal to use as a finished space because:

  • The 576 sq. ft. floor space has ample room for living, storage, or business.
  • The gambrel roof provides a higher ceiling on the second floor of the garage, as compared to a traditional A-frame building.
  • The second floor offers versatility. For example, it can serve as a bedroom, while the downstairs acts as a living space.
  • The pedestrian door makes entering the finished garage easier and quieter as you don’t need to use the mechanical doors.
  • The ceilings for both the first and second floor are a spacious 7’ feet high. Giving you ample options for a garage office or apartment design, these rooms are large enough to provide comfortable living, working, or hanging-out space.

How to Transform Your Garage into a Living Space

Whether you’re having a Glick Woodworks two-story modular garage installed, or you’re transforming your existing garage, here’s what you need to add. These upgrades transform the sturdy shell of a garage into a fantastic finished space you’ll love for years to come.

Remember, when you’re just parking your car — or storing gardening equipment — you don’t care how homey your garage feels. When you have plans to turn your garage into an apartment or office, you’ll need to outfit the standard garage with some serious improvements.

home office in a garage

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • 2×6 wall upgrade — These upgraded interior walls give you the option to add thicker insulation, making your garage livable and comfortable through most temperatures.
  • Extra windows — When you’re planning to spend some time in your garage, you’ll want to take advantage of natural light, and you’ll also want a better view! If you’re customizing our garage, the gambrel style allows for sizable extra windows that make spending time in your finished garage even better.
  • Insulated doors and windows — Upgrading to insulated doors and windows can make your living space garage more comfortable for more of the year.
  • Electrical hookups — Electricity is an absolute must. We can handle your electrical hookup as part of the garage installation. If you’re updating an old garage, any electrician can perform the work.
  • Additional light fixtures — When planning your garage office and garage apartment designs, finding space for extra lighting is important. After all, you’re not just storing old gardening equipment — you’re going to enjoy spending time in your garage.
  • Internet — A 21st century necessity, setting up a router or wireless internet is essential if you’re planning to work or hang out in your new garage.
  • Temperature control: Window AC and electric space heater — A finished garage is a lot like a sunroom or a 3-season room. Electric powered air conditioners and space heaters can do a great job, but they might be a little overmatched on extremely hot or cold days.
  • Portable toilet (optional) — Really, this is dependent on how much uninterrupted time you want to spend in your garage. A portable toilet is convenient, but it won’t be cheap — and will require building extra walls.

Modular Garage Builders

The best garage offices and apartments start with the best garages. We are known throughout the region for building rock-solid garages and barns.

If you’re planning to build a custom garage, a conversation is your first step. Call us to discuss your options — and to get your quote!

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