Luxury Sheds: Styles, Features, & Where to Buy Them

At Glick Woodworks, luxury means time-honored quality plus a sense of your personal taste. The first job of any shed is to solve your storage needs, however if you want to spend a little extra, that’s where our luxury touches set your shed apart. Our luxury sheds are built to the same high-standards as all of our structures — but they feature the style-forward touches that make them HGTV-worthy outdoor accessories!

Looking for inspiration? Then you’re in the right place. See some of our favorite premium shed add-ons — and start planning your shed today!

7 Premium Shed Features You’ll Love

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Most people never think a garden shed can be an outdoor living showstopper — until they see one of our luxury sheds, that is. These premium shed touches allow our structures to serve as beautiful backyard decorations — while still solving all of your storage needs.

Here are our favorite upgrades for premium sheds:

  1. Glass Door Panels — Glass paneling in home entry doors is a popular style — so it’s only natural to see it on shed doors as well. This decorative touch makes your shed resemble the look of a house from the inside and out. A wide variety of different glass grid patterns are available to make the shed truly your own. Learn more about matching your shed to your home.
  2. Dormers — A classic and elegant touch, dormers hearken back to the style of days past. Adding dormers around the vinyl windows of your garden shed distinguishes it from all the other ones in the neighborhood. This ornamental add-on defines the luxury shed look that so many homeowners crave.
  3. Insulation — A practical option more than an aesthetic one, adding house insulation to your shed construction allows you to use it for almost anything. Glick Woodworks’ sheds are all built to be secure against the elements, but by adding insulation you can better regulate the temperature for maximum comfort. This is a very-necessary premium option if you’re building a gorgeous and usable she shed. Discover 7 of our favorite she shed ideas.
  4. Window Boxes — A garden shed that’s truly part of your garden. Adding window boxes to your shed design brings another pop of color and life to the exterior. Whether you want to grow vibrant flowers or dangling vines, you’ll love the aesthetic window boxes provide.
  5. Cupolas and Ridge Vents — While most premium touches focus on making your shed look like a gorgeous home, some people prefer the rustic style of a classic country barn. That’s why adding cupolas and ridge vents are a hallmark style for sheds in our area and beyond.
  6. Pine Board Interior Paneling — The outside of a shed tends to look a lot more elegant than the inside. After all, far less people are ever going to see the inside of your shed. However, if you’re pulling out all the stops, you can build a luxury shed interior by finishing the inside with our gorgeous pine board paneling. Once again, this touch is perfect for building shed offices, man caves, or those ever-popular she sheds.
  7. Ground-Up Customization — The ultimate premium touch isn’t just one improvement or accessory — it’s a full-fledged custom building built from the ground-up. When you choose this option, you’ll have a totally custom space as far as size, style, and material are concerned. Work side-by-side with our experienced designers to build a shed that’s truly your own — and truly luxury.

The Amish Quality Difference

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While all of these luxury ideas are crucial to the look and feel of premium sheds, it all starts with a quality-built structure. At Glick Woodworks, we build every shed to ensure that it is water tight and strong enough to last for decades.

We’ve heard plenty of complaints from homeowners and replaced enough cheap alternatives to know that the only shed you can count on to look nice and last for years is a handcrafted one. Whether you’re dedicated to outdoor beauty or not, buy a shed that was built in a workshop — not in a massive factory.

Compare big box store sheds to Amish ones.

Luxury Garden Sheds from Glick Woodworks

Looking for a builder of truly luxury sheds? That’s Glick Woodworks. Our garden sheds come customizable with a variety of premium styles, features, and designs. While we’re dedicated to a durable hand-crafted quality product above all else, we love showing people just how gorgeous their shed can look, too.

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