Man Cave Sheds to Bring to Your Backyard

Man caves are making their ways outside. While tuning-up your garage or basement once was enough, now men need their independence. That’s why building a man cave shed in your backyard is the perfect way to create the space just for you. At Glick Woodworks, we’re the backyard shed experts. Not only have we seen great examples of manly sheds, but we also know what it NEEDS to include to make sure it does its job as a man cave.

5 Best Man Cave Ideas for Sheds

Hanging out and unwinding in a shed out back is fun enough, but you don’t have to stop there. Bring some unique man cave ideas to your shed and you’ll create a legendary backyard hangout. Here are the 5 need-to-see man cave ideas for sheds that’ll get you inspired — and the practical shed requirements you can’t ignore.

1. Video Game or Movie Shed

man cave ideas for video game sheds

Not everybody has the same tastes when it comes to video games and movies. Some people like pulse-pounding action and others like rom-coms. Sometimes you want to watch a move or marathon some video games — and this is the shed to make that happen. Outfit a media shed with comfy chairs, blinds to block out the sun’s glare, and a huge TV!

2. Music Shed

man cave ideas for music sheds

Whether you play on your own instruments or have some friends over to jam, a backyard shed can be the perfect place to make music. We even make sheds big enough for full drum kits and amps — see some of our popular shed styles. This man cave idea for sheds necessitates having a well-built waterproof structure to keep your instruments and equipment protected.

3. Motorcycle Shed

man cave ideas for motorcycle sheds

Working on your bike in the garage feels like work, while working on it in the shed feels like fun. A sturdy man cave shed can be the perfect place to do the necessary work and to store your motorcycle when it’s not in use. Plus, you can fit a buddy or two (whether or not they ride) into the shed while you work, making for an afternoon well spent. A reinforced floor is essential to handle the weight of your bike, and fortunately that’s an upgrade we offer.

4. Barbecue Shed

barbecue man cave ideas for sheds

It’s the feeling of going out for dinner without having to pick up the check. Cook, grill, or barbecue your favorites and bring them into your man cave. You and your pals’ favorite new spot might be just outside in your own backyard. Accessorize this shed with a table and chairs and a mini fridge — nothing too fancy, but still a lot of fun.

5. Home Office Shed

home office man cave sheds

For the guy with a strong side hustle, this man cave shed idea is all about building a comfortable place just out back to grow your business empire. You’ll want to outfit this shed with a desk, computer, comfortable seating, and all of the tools specific to your business. Plus, when your shed looks this good, you’ll love meeting clients here.

For the ladies… check out our she shed ideas!

Man Cave Shed Essentials

The shed you buy really does make a difference. If you’re planning to hang out here for decades, you want it to be comfortable and you want it to last.

Learn more about the differences between hardware store sheds and Amish sheds.

The best man cave sheds are roomy with tall ceilings. Bigger dimensions make it easy to sit or stand without feeling cramped. Plus, even though men don’t always admit it, they can appreciate the finer things in design as well — having a stylish looking man cave shed is absolutely essential.

man cave ideas for sheds

For both the stylish and practical reasons, the most-popular man cave shed style is either Victorian sheds or classic A-frame sheds. Both of these sheds have a higher roof pitch for tall men — and they look fantastic, too. However, if you want us to build you a totally custom shed, that’s an option as well. The most common sizes for man cave sheds range from 12X20 to 14X24, depending on how you plan to use it.

Some other important extras you might consider adding to your man cave shed include:

  • Electrical hookup package
  • Insulated doors and windows
  • Second floor loft
  • Double doors
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Feeling inspired to build your man cave shed? We’re the team to trust. At Glick Woodworks, we’ve been crafting tough and stylish sheds that last for decades. In addition, since we can build custom, if you have a unique man cave idea for your shed, bring it to us and we’ll make it a reality.

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