Matching Your Vinyl Shed Design to Your House

For most homeowners who need a shed, a color-coordinated style isn’t the first thing on their mind. The first thing on their mind tends to be the lawn tools overflowing from the garage or the brand-new riding mower.

Just because you’re purchasing your shed for the storage, doesn’t mean that you should ignore the look. Coming in a wide variety of styles and color combinations, you have total freedom to match your storage shed to your house – or play off the exterior décor in another way.

Learn more about how to choose the right shed for your home.

At Glick Sheds, we’ve been installing vinyl sheds for several years, and we’ve basically seen it all. Learn about matching our different shed styles and color options to your home.

Style and Color Coordination Tips for Shed Design

14x18 a frame vinyl garage in Reinholds PA

The first step in choosing a shed for style or practicality is picking the model.

Choosing the style of your shed is more of a matter of personal taste than anything else. If you want to opt for a simple, no-frills style, our A-frame sheds and mini-barns provide a simple but attractive look along with ample storage.

If you prefer a more ornate shed style, you should check out our classic A-Frames and Victorian-style sheds. As always, we’re more than happy to design a custom building for you too.

For most homeowners, choosing the color of their shed depends on the color of their house. Whether you match the vinyl siding of the shed to the vinyl siding of the house, your pre-existing exteriors will fit into the color scheme.

Matching the shed’s door color, door trim, shutters and roof shingles to your current home is a common decision, regardless of your siding color.

Check out our color visualizer to see more.

Best Color Sheds for White Houses

white 10x16 victorian vinyl shed in Mount Joy PA

White vinyl siding is one of the most common choices on the market, and fortunately, it goes with basically everything. Essentially, if you have a white house, every style looks good.

A pure-white vinyl shed is a great complement to your white vinyl house, particularly if you match the shutters and shingles too. An exact color match can almost create the illusion that your shed is just a mini-version of your home.

If you want to opt for a splash of color, we recommend a blue or olive colored shed to enhance the pure white siding of your house.

Best Color Sheds for Tan Houses

tan 8x12 a-frame vinyl shed in Mount Joy PA

Another popular vinyl siding color is tan. As is the case with white sheds, tan sheds can really pop when matched up with a tan house.

Homeowners can also create striking designs by setting their tan homes against a complimentary shed color or choosing sheds with darker siding colors. For example, flint and clay-colored barns can often make for the best color combinations with tan houses.

Best Color Sheds for Gray Houses

grey 10x14 a-frame vinyl shed in Lancaster PA

Gray is quickly becoming a popular siding color for homes – and for good reason too. Not only do grey homes standout against their neighbors, but gray vinyl doesn’t show dirt as much as white or tan vinyl.

Since gray homes are gaining popularity, the need to match our vinyl sheds to gray homes has increased as well. While matching the exact hue of your gray home will be challenging, both light and dark colored sheds can create a dramatic look you’ll love.

Lighter colors like almond, mist, and cream can create a compelling contrast. In addition, gray siding houses also look fantastic when paired with a darker hue such as flint or mist.

Gray houses look especially good when accompanied by an unexpected splash of color from a shed’s brightly colored shutters or door trim – red particularly brings out a great quality.

Custom Vinyl Shed Builder in Lancaster PA

No matter what shed you imagine to meet your house’s style, we can provide it. We have a large inventory of vinyl sheds and modular garages ready to be installed right now.

In addition, Glick Woodworks is always available to build a custom shed to meet your style or your storage needs. We’re a local family-owned company that provides sheds throughout PA, MD and NJ.

Check out our shed pricing and contact us today to discuss your custom shed.

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