Popular Outdoor Shed Colors

Your new Amish shed is going to be a fixture in your backyard for 20+ years — so it’s important that you love how it looks. After all, the very best sheds don’t just meet your storage needs, but they enhance your yard’s style, too. Finding the outdoor shed colors that you like is key to your truly beautiful custom shed!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re a real Amish builder that crafts high-quality storage sheds for homeowners throughout PA, NJ, and MD! While crafting ultra-tough, built-to-last structures is our main job, we also work closely with homeowners to help them design the custom shed they’ll love having in their backyard. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the most popular outdoor shed colors to choose from. Keep reading to get inspired — or request your free quote today!

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5 Striking Shed Siding Colors

Shed design starts right here, by picking the shed siding color. While many homeowners like to simply match their shed siding to the vinyl siding on their home, you also have a wide range of accent colors for a true backyard style statement. Explore some of our favorite vinyl or LP SmartSide shed siding colors right here:

1. White shed siding color

Since white siding is popular for homes in our area, it stands to reason that it makes for a great shed color as well. Naturally, white shed siding certainly looks exceptional alongside matching white homes. In addition, the clean white color of the shed also makes the shed trim and accent colors really pop.

2. Tan tan shed colors

By far one of the most popular shed siding colors, tan creates a classic suburban look that accentuates many different home siding shades. Similar in color to our popular clay vinyl siding but lighter, tan creates what many homeowners describe as an upscale, luxury look.

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3. Green green shed siding color

Green is a unique shed siding color choice because the color is certainly eye-popping on its own, but it is also a safe inclusion with almost any exterior décor. A green shed is a popular choice for wooded lots as it provides a slightly more earthy and natural aesthetic. For suburban spaces, the soft green color is an attractive accent for white, gray, tan, and crème-colored homes — we recommend tying the shed to the color by matching the trim.

4. Red red shed colors

This shed siding color is popular as it evokes the feel of a traditional rustic barn. The combination of bright red siding paired with a black or white trim brings home that classic farm aesthetic. Add traditional barn accessories like working cupolas and gable vents to further build this style!

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5. Blue blue shed siding color

Just like with green sheds, the blue shed siding color may be bold, but it also matches a surprising variety of different homes. Oftentimes, homeowners choose blue siding to match blue trim or shutters on their house. While any shed style we build can come in any color, blue is very popular in our budget-oriented mini barn design. Just like the green and the red siding colors, blue is most often seen in SmartSide

Shed Trim Options to Match

While siding may be the first and biggest choice you make, shed trim also plays a role in your unique design. In most cases, shed trim color is selected to balance the main outdoor shed color, but there are numerous other design possibilities as well. These are some of our favorite shed trim colors you need to explore:

  • White Trim — White trim is a hallmark of classic suburban shed style. Pairing white trim with a tan or brighter-colored shed makes for an attractive color combo, while also matching white homes, too.
  • Black Trim — Another color that goes with anything, black trim looks especially good when paired with a white vinyl shed.
  • Red Trim — Choosing red for your shed trim will bring a bold colorful look that complements clay and tan sheds particularly well. We’ve also seen a red trim used on sheds to match the house’s red shutters.

If you want to get creative and put all of these shed color ideas to the test, we recommend you try our one-of-a-kind 3D Shed Design Center. This software allows you to try out all of your style and color options in real time — and get a quote for us to build your custom shed!

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While we hope you’re feeling inspired by these gorgeous sheds, if you’d rather have a conversation, our team is standing by. Feel free to reach out to discuss your favorite options for shed colors with our experienced designers. Plus, we’ll also be able to give you the quotes to bring the shed home to your backyard.

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