24×24 Garages: Prices & Styles of This Popular Size

Plenty of room for two vehicles at a great price — 24×24 garages are one of the best size garages to build. Not only is this one of the most cost-efficient garages, but it also fits in most yards and properties. See more of this in-demand garage, get prices, and decide if prefab or custom built is better for you!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder and garage builder that exclusively builds high-quality structures. Any Glick Woodworks building is guaranteed to provide decades of watertight storage, with an attractive style. Check out our popular 24×24 garages right here — or if you’re ready to get started right away, talk to our team to place your order!

Your Options: 24×24 Prefab Garages & Custom Garages

24x24 prefab garages

There’s no question that the 24×24 dimensions are among the most popular for a full-sized, two-car garage. The real question is, what style do you want to bring home? We offer both 24×24 prefab garages and 24×24 custom, site-built garages. Here’s the difference:

  • Prefab Garages: Our prefab garages are primarily constructed in our Lancaster County workshop and delivered to and assembled on your property. This building style allows us to offer unbeatable pricing on your new storage space, without ever cutting corners on quality. 24×24 prefab garages are one of the best choices for homeowners who need vehicle storage yet want to stick to a budget. The only real downside of this style is that there are less unique options than with a site-built structure.
  • Custom, Site-Built Garages: Site-built garages are 100% constructed on your property. While this building process is more time-consuming, it delivers several advantages. Custom built garages can have a concrete floor, can come with insulated windows, can last even longer than prefab options, and can even be attached to your home!

What Does a 24×24 Garage Cost?

24x24 garage cost

Can you put a price on the convenience of not having to park outside? Yes — and we’re sharing ballpark pricing right here! A 24×24 garage cost will differ depending on the siding material you choose, any customization, the roof style, and whether you opt for a loft or not. The only way for us to give you a final price is to talk to you about the specific building you want to bring home.

Prefab 24×24 Garage Cost: Around $14,000

This is the average price to bring home one of our spacious, two-car prefab garages. This turnkey price includes delivery, installation, and everything else to bring this structure home. At this price point, you’ll have a large space that is roomy enough for two full-sized vehicles, plus ample extra storage room for tools or boxes. If you want to upgrade the space, you can opt for vinyl siding instead of wooden SmartSide. One other important note about prefab garages is that even though they aren’t custom built on your property, they still provide a substantial amount of personalization.

Site-Built 24×24 Garage Cost: Around $25,000

This custom space can be attached to your home or fully detached on your property. This price point can fluctuate depending on the custom work you have us do and the additional upgrades you request. However, $25,000 is a good entry point for a custom, site-built garage. It is also important to note that while only a site-built garage can make use of the convenience of a concrete floor, that is not included in the $25,000 average price point.

Get a Quote on Your 24×24 Garage Now

If you need a garage for a fair price, you’re in the right place! Our Amish-built garages deliver decades of reliable weathertight storage — and have an attractive style that you’ll be proud to have on your property. Whether you want to buy one of these 24×24 garages or one of our many other models, you’ll be satisfied with the look and quality of your new structure and its very reasonable price point!

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