5 Traits of the Best Garage Builders

From always struggling to find storage space to having to scrape your car off in the winter — it isn’t easy to need a garage and not have one. That’s why building a garage is such a smart home investment. If you’re researching what team to trust with your project, this is must-know information. These are the 5 essential traits that the best garage builders have!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish garage and shed builder known for our quality work. Keep reading to see what sets our team apart as the best garage builders in PA — and reach out right now to get a price!

What to Look for in the Top Garage Contractors

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Any work, big or small, that you do on your property should be seen as an investment. That holds especially true for larger work, like having a new garage installed. Working with great garage contractors is a way to ensure that your new structure lasts forever and provides everything you need. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Offers Custom Dimensions & Layouts — You’ve gone without the convenience of a garage for long enough, so make sure your new garage delivers EXACTLY what you need. When you work with Glick Woodworks, you can select everything about your space, from the dimensions and the number of garage bays to the layout and style options. This is the best way to get the ideal space you’ve been waiting for. Some garage contractors simply let you pick your design from a list, without offering you true custom designs.
  2. Builds with High-Quality Materials — This is absolutely essential and is a true key to the Glick Woodworks difference. The best garage builders will absolutely use the highest-quality materials throughout the entire build. This looks like durable vinyl or metal siding, homebuilder quality vinyl, and a roof made of real architectural shingles. These ultra-durable building materials are a key reason that your new garage will last as long as you need — just like a house would.
  3. Offers Two-Story Possibilities — Adding a full second story or a large loft onto a new garage is a great choice. It gives you the ability to add tons of extra, flexible space without increasing the footprint of the building. Whether you want to use the space for extra storage, a workshop, or even a finished apartment space — you have all these options, and more! We always give the option for a second story to our clients, who appreciate the extra space to meet their unique needs.
  4. Provides Options for Multiple Price Points — While we aren’t the cheapest option on the market (because we use elite materials), we do try to offer a garage option for several different price points. For homeowners that have smaller budgets yet still need a garage, our single-wide garages are a great choice and are available for under $10,000. However, if you have more money to spend on your property, you can build a massive, fully customized two-story space.
  5. Takes Care of Everything — One of the other traits that the best garage builders boast is taking care of everything. Don’t settle for a company that won’t provide you a turnkey service! That means when you work with us, we handle everything — from the preparation to the installation, custom options, and the cleanup. We’ve heard stories about other garage contractors leaving a huge mess on a homeowner’s property or merely building an unfinished garage, requiring the homeowner to finish the work themselves!

Sheds, Barns, & More

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While our work as garage contractors is the focus of today’s blog, we also build a range of other high-quality outdoor structures. Our wide range of Amish sheds are one of our signature structures and provide unbeatable backyard storage for tools, mowers, and valuables. The high-quality materials and custom construction that set our garages apart can also be seen there as well. Our affordable horse barns are a popular choice for hobby farmers and small ranchers. These structures provide ultra-tough housing with a gorgeous rustic style for horses.

Contact the Best Garage Builders

Now you know what the best garage builders deliver — and you can bring it all home by choosing us for your project. If you’re ready to take the next step, our team is here to work with you. The first step is a conversation about your needs and what you’re looking to build.

Reach out right now to get started — and to get a quote!

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