Custom Garages: Styles, Price Ranges, & More

A garage is the ultimate solution for watertight storage, flexible space, and ensuring you never park your car outside ever again. If your house doesn’t have a garage right now — but your property has the available space — this is one of the best additions you can make to your home. Building a custom garage is the #1 way to ensure your new space is the perfect match for everything you plan to use it for!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish building company known for our line of high-quality storage sheds and the range of standout garages we build. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the benefits, construction process, and ballpark price range of building a 100% custom garage with us. Keep reading to learn all about the best storage solution — or reach out and talk to our team right now!

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All About Our Garages Built on Site

garages built on site

In order to make this decision and find your ideal garage, it’s key that you know the difference between modular and site-built garages. Modular garages are crafted in pieces at our local workshop and assembled on your property — this is the more budget-friendly option. However, we also build 100% unique garages from the ground up on your property — which allows for the greatest customization.

Ultimately, BOTH of these styles provide unbeatable quality and a lifetime of weatherproof storage. It’s all about finding which style is right for you! Explore the basics of our garages built on site:

  • Concrete Garage Floor Comes Standard — This is one of the major advantages of having your garage built on site. As the first step of a construction project, you would need a solid concrete foundation which will serve as the floor of your garage. A concrete floor is guaranteed not to sag or settle no matter how many years you own the garage. In addition, the concrete floor will be sturdy enough for working on cars and trucks, including jacking them up high enough to do the work. While the ultra-durable wood floor that comes with our modular garages works for most people, dedicated home mechanics will want a concrete floor.
  • Sizing — Since we custom design every project, the garages we build on site for our customers have an enormous size range. That’s the best thing about building a custom garage — you can decide on your exact size. The most common sizes are either two- or three-car garages with full lofts.
  • Ballpark Price Range — By nature of being a fully custom design, the price will vary. However, we’d say an average ballpark price is between $20,000 to $45,000 for a full two-story space with multiple garage doors. Although the price of a site-built garage will always be more expensive than our modular option, the price difference isn’t as large as most people think. That’s why we often recommend getting quotes for both modular and custom-built garages.

    Explore modular garage prices right here.
  • Custom Design (Interior and Exterior) — This is the main reason to opt for a custom garage — you can specify everything to your exact needs and preferences. For the interior floorplan, you can choose the size and layout of the space, including dividing it into individual rooms. This is very helpful for sectioning off an area as an office, workshop, or even an apartment. Since a garage built on site can utilize a wider range of truss options, you have a wide variety of architectural design options to choose from. This can be crucial for ensuring your new garage matches the look of your home.
  • Time on Site — From start to finish, to complete one of our garages on site our crews will work on your property for two to four days. Since our modular garages only need to be assembled at your property, we’ll be there usually less than a day. No matter how long our crews are at your home, we will treat your space with the utmost respect!

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Demand Amish Quality

single wide custom garage

Whether you trust us to build a massive garage at your home, to install a popular double wide modular garage, or to simply build a storage shed, you can count on our quality. That signature Amish quality is the reason that people from all over PA and beyond insist on Amish craftsmanship for anything they need to last.

You can count on any of our garages (custom or modular) to last a lifetime and to look great while doing it. Along the same lines, our storage sheds are built like mini-homes and easily survive 20+ years in the elements!

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If the benefits of our custom garages, the portfolio of our structures, and the Amish quality appeal to you, we’d enjoy an opportunity to talk. Give us a call or fill out a form to begin the design process. We’ll work directly with you to design the space that matches your needs and looks the way you want — and then build it for you!

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