Garages with Lofts: Advantages, Sizes, & Prices

While backyard Amish sheds are our signature structure that do the perfect job for most homeowners, some people just need more space. If a storage shed can’t meet your demands for storing stuff, we have the solution. Our garages with lofts provide the flexible space that solve problems for homeowners!

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that brings our building skill to a wide range of other outdoor structures like modular garages and horse barns. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our garages with lofts, breaking down the benefits, the styles, and the key things to know. Keep reading to explore your options — or reach out to get your custom quote today!

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Garages with Apartments & Storage

Adding a second level onto your new garage is a great choice. Firstly, this can be used to provide always-useful overflow storage, or the space can be finished and used for an office or living area. Garages with apartments in the second level are one of the best ways to get the most out of your new home upgrade. Let us walk you through the choices that come with bringing home a new Glick garage!

  • Sizing: While we do build single-wide garages with lofts, for storage or a living space we recommend a double-wide footprint. The most popular two-story garage size we build is 24’X24’ — this size provides ample room upstairs and downstairs for a great price point. This size garage is large enough to have 2 cars, some lawn tools, and boxes of storage — all while leaving room for a finished space.
  • Price: Speaking of price, the cost of all of our garages with lofts are determined by 3 factors: the size, the style, and the siding type. As you’d expect, the bigger the garage, the more expensive. In addition, vinyl siding costs more than wood siding, and opting for a rounded gambrel style increases the price, too. Our average garages range from around $16,000 to around $32,000. Our popular 24’X24’ garage costs around $24,000 depending on the options you select.
  • Siding: Just like with our sheds, we build our garages out of vinyl and painted LP SmartSide (a wood product). Any structure you buy from Glick Woodworks will be built tough and able to withstand the elements. However, vinyl siding lasts longer and requires less maintenance than a wood product. For just $1,000 extra, bringing the no-maintenance advantages of vinyl to your garage is the most popular choice.

    We compare wood vs. vinyl sheds.
  • Style: The two styles you can choose between are our A-frame garage style and our rounded gambrel garage style. This is based more so on your individual tastes, but the gambrel style tends to be slightly more in-demand thanks to its unique barn-inspired profile.
  • Potential Uses: Even if you don’t have an immediate need for garages with apartments, we strongly recommend considering the extra space. After the garage is built, it is far more challenging and costly to go back and add on the space you need. Chances are very good that you’ll find a great way to use the extra space — now or in the future. We’ve seen homeowners use their garages with apartments for everything from home offices, to in-law quarters, man caves, and much more!

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storage shed with painted smartside

While there’s no question that garages provide a great solution for many homeowners, they are just one of the many types of structures we’re proud to offer. We offer a wide range of storage sheds like our popular quaker sheds, our budget-priced mini barns, and our deluxe Victorian sheds. In addition, we also support hobby farmers and equestrian enthusiasts with our modular horse barns. Both our shed row barns and run-in sheds are great answers for keeping horses out of the elements. Lastly, you can always work with the Glick Woodworks team to commission a custom building, too.

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