Should You Rent a Storage Unit or Buy a Shed?

Let’s talk about stuff. Boxes and boxes of stuff. You can’t throw it away, but you don’t have room for it now. Your options are pretty simple: storage shed or storage unit. But, which makes more sense for you, buying a shed or renting a storage unit somewhere near your house?

The answer is pretty clear: between renting a storage unit and buying a shed, buying a storage shed for your backyard is by far the best choice.

Here’s how we see it:

  • The monthly price of a storage unit and a storage shed is close — even if you get a loan to pay for the shed.
  • Sheds are yours forever (and add value to your home).
  • Sheds are convenient and safe — right in your backyard rather than across town.
  • Sheds can be customized to your exact needs by adding shelving and ramps.

We know that price is the most important factor for most people when deciding between renting a storage unit and buying a shed, so we broke it down for you.

Price Comparison: Storage Unit vs Storage Shed

The average storage unit that most homeowners choose to rent is a 10×10 — so we compared the price of 10×10 storage units and 10×10 storage sheds.

Average 10×10 Storage Unit Monthly Rental Price: $60-$100 per Month

Costly monthly storage unit rental

Storage Unit Price Varies Based On:

  • Location
  • Whether units are inside or outside
  • Safety of storage unit complex

Most people assume renting a storage unit is going to be cheap — not actually the case. Storage unit rentals are only a good choice if you need a month or two of storage — or if you don’t own a home yet.

10×10 Mini Barn from Glick Woodworks: $1480

Mini barn with rent to own option

Mini Barn Features:

  • Smart Panel Painted Siding
  • Waterproof shingle roof
  • 1 window
  • A variety of colors and trim options

The most cost-effective shed option offered by Glick Woodworks, the mini barn, offers full waterproof protection in a stylish package. This barn costs less per month than the average storage unit — plus you get to keep it. This reliable and attractive budget option proves why buying a shed is better in every way than renting a storage unit.

View the mini barn sheds we offer.

10×10 A-Frame Vinyl Shed from Glick Woodworks: $2020

A-frame vinyl shed with stylish features

A-Frame Vinyl Shed Features:

  • 2 windows with shutters
  • 54-inch door
  • Vinyl siding
  • Waterproof shingle roof
  • A variety of colors and trim options
  • Classic Amish shed style

This in-style shed provides decades of durable storage at a bargain price.

Check out our A-frame shed selection.

10×20 High Wall Barn with Vinyl Siding from Glick Woodworks: $2925

A new high wall barn with vinyl siding

High Wall Barn with Vinyl Siding Features:

  • Tall ceiling and high walls
  • Extra room for shelving
  • A variety of high-quality siding options
  • A variety of high-quality roofing options
  • A variety of colors and trim options
  • Classic Amish shed style

When you need extra storage — because 10×10 just doesn’t cut it — we have a solution for you. This jumbo-sized barn is as durable and economical as all of our Amish-built storage barns and sheds.

View more high wall barns with vinyl siding.

Get Your Amish Shed from Glick Woodworks Today

Glick Woodworks is an Amish shed builder that hand builds sheds and barns from our workshop in Lancaster County. We pride ourselves on building sturdy and stylish storage sheds for homeowners who demand quality.

If you need a storage shed or barn ASAP — give us a call or contact us online. Get a quote on a custom shed or buy right now!

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