The Best Shed for a Zero Turn Mower

Top-tier, heavy-duty lawn mowers deserve an equally tough shed to keep them out of the elements. Zero turn mowers are the professional choice that is quickly becoming the in-demand mowing option for homeowners as well. The best shed for a zero turn mower will provide decades of watertight protection and accommodate the zero turn’s dimensions.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts a wide range of different sheds. All of our hand-built sheds deliver an attractive style and decades of weatherproof storage. If you just brought home one of these heavy-duty mowers (or are planning to), here’s everything you need to know about the best shed for a zero turn mower!

Your Lawn Mower Storage Options

Storing lawn mowers is one of most common uses for any backyard shed. The vast majority of our sheds will have more than enough space for a standard riding tractor or a push mower, but zero turns tend to be much larger and require more space. That’s why all of these large lawn mower storage options focus on zero turns:


10X14 Classic A-Frame

Here’s a gorgeous shed that’s perfect as a lawn mower storage option. When you’re using a classic A-frame shed for a zero turn mower, the main double door needs to be on the shorter side of the barn. This allows you to park your super-sized mower in the depth of the shed. Not only will this ensure you have enough space for your mower, but you can count on having extra space for tools and accessories, too. Not only is this shed great for lawn mower storage but it has a distinctly upscale style thanks to its two sets of doors, window shutters and more.

Key Difference: The Attractive Style

Spacious black and white shed for a zero turn mower


10X14 High Wall Barn

One of the most economical sheds we sell, our high wall barns deliver unbeatable space for the price. The layout of all of these sheds ensures that you’ll be able to park your zero turn with ease. We recommend that you equip all of our lawn mower storage options with a ramp to make driving in and backing out a breeze. This model is the best choice when you want to save money on the shed to dedicate even more budget to purchasing your mower.

Key Difference: The Cost-Effective Price

The best backyard shed for a zero turn mower shown in brown


12×16 Dutch Barn

A more traditional style barn that can accommodate a full zero turn mower! Unlike the other two models, this Dutch Barn has the double door on the longer side. However, by opting for slightly larger dimensions, the shed can accommodate these extra-large mowers. This way you can park your zero turn completely while also having more than half of the shed open for storage. Plus, these expanded dimensions give homeowners the ability to have a standard layout shed and keep their zero turn out of the elements.

Key Difference: The Layout

Shed as a lawn mower storage option


Why Amish Quality Construction Matters

When it comes to any lawn mower storage options, the model may make a huge difference, but quality matters most. Your new mower is a tough piece of equipment, and you need an equally tough shed to keep it protected.

Here’s what you can expect from all of our Amish sheds:

  • 25+ Years of Lifespan – Every single one of our sheds is built to last for decades out in the weather – without needing serious maintenance.
  • High-Quality Material – One of the reasons that our sheds can survive out in the elements for decades is thanks to the high-quality materials used to build them. Our structures use real shingle roofs and wooden or vinyl siding – just like a house!
  • USA Construction – While many cheaper sheds are built in overseas factories, every one of our sheds is hand-built in our Lancaster County, PA workshop. This ensures an elite-quality product and full custom options.
Zero turn mower storage shed for residential backyard

Get Prices on Shed for a Zero Turn Mower

When you’re ready to bring home one of these sheds for a zero turn mower, our team is standing by to help. Let us know which of these models you like – or ask us to build a fully custom shed that meets your mower needs and your style.

The first step is a conversation with our team. So, reach out right now to check prices and to place your order!

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