Maximizing Your Backyard Experience: What is a Pool House?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of dipping under the cool, clear water in your own personal pool, but where do you go when it’s time to dry off and change your clothes? One of the trendiest solutions for homeowners looking to beat the heat in 2023 is the pool house!

Here at Glick Woodworks, we’re pool house experts with over 20 years of Building experience. In our blog for today, we’ll guide you through answers to common FAQ questions like “What is a pool house?” and “What are pool houses for?” so that you can find an affordable, efficient, and convenient solution for your home.

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Backyard Paradise 101: What is a Pool House Used For?

what is a pool house used for

So, you may be wondering, what is a pool house? On summer days, these freestanding structures are a great way for your family and guests to change in private, store pool maintenance supplies, grab pool toys , and even access a small restroom without having to track water inside your home. Many homeowners also use their poolside shed to offer a sheltered picnic table for their family and friends.

But what is a pool house used for in the winter months? A pool house is a safe place to store all of your supplies all year round. In whatever season you choose to use your pool house, adding one of these structures is always an excellent property investment. A pool house can add 8 to 10% property value for your home alone!

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Answering Essential Summer Fun Questions: What Goes in a Pool House?

what goes in a pool house

When you’re curious about what goes in a pool house, the answer is simple—any excess pool supplies, toys, and furniture you need to store! When your home’s storage space fills up or the attic starts to overflow, the pool house can be the perfect home for your seasonal accessories.

Most pool houses offer a changing area for drying off without having to enter your house as well as a way to protect your outdoor furniture from the weather in a convenient storage area. This means that they commonly store everything from towels, lounge chairs and umbrellas to all the pool toys and cleaning supplies you need.

Some pool houses even feature bathroom facilities like a toilet and a small shower so that families can wash up after summer fun. Another popular amenity is a small washer and dryer so that you can easily wash your swimsuit. There’s no limit to the convenience you can build into your pool.

Beyond the features of your pool house, you can have fun with the design! You can try anything from a beach cabana theme with summer-inspired flowers to a kid-friendly space with a hammock and play area. You can even make room for your favorite furry friend with a pet bed for summer chill time by the pool. There are countless ways to get creative with what a pool house is used for to accommodate your family!

Ready to find out more about your options for pool houses from Glick Woodworks and have more questions like “what are pool houses for?” Read our pricing guide, “How Much Does a Pool House Cost?” now!

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custom pool house shed

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is a pool house?” you can start planning your next poolside adventure! Glick Woodworks is here to help with handcrafted Amish pool houses built with the greatest attention to detail. We also offer convenient installation services for your home so you can have peace of mind that you’ll get the job done right.

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