5 of Our Favorite Custom Sheds

Tired of seeing storage sheds that all look the same? Good news! You don’t need to settle for average. At Glick Woodworks, we provide custom sheds that look gorgeous and stand up to the elements, providing you with years of outstanding usage. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of our favorites to kickstart your backyard shed plans!

Whether it’s an eye-catching add-on or a totally distinct color scheme, these sheds all have exceptional style. While we often design custom sheds for our clients, we also always offer numerous pre-built shed options for those needing storage space quickly. Contact us today for a quote on our custom or pre-built sheds!

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Check Out These Made-to-Order Sheds

Today you can see our favorite made-to-order sheds from clients just like you. If you’re looking to take your backyard shed from normal to extraordinary, this should be all the inspiration you’ll need:

1. Secluded Transom Shed

made-to-order sheds

The first of our favorite made-to-order sheds is a secluded shed with vinyl and stone veneer. The cool color tones — gray and black — of this shed definitely set it apart. In addition, this shed also features a small window on the edge of the asphalt roof which provides a unique profile.

2. Rustic Shed

custom rustic shed

Who says that you can’t add a touch of rustic design to your suburban backyard? With this new made-to-order rustic shed, we were able to do just that. We used quality Amish cedarwood for the siding of this custom shed and added a stylish cupola to increase ventilation — with the added bonus of boasting a unique style feature!

3. Stone Veneer Shed

made-to-order stone veneer shed

For those hoping to spice up a more traditional shed style, check out this A-frame custom shed with stone veneer. Stone veneer is a great way to add style to your made-to-order shed. If you love the look of stone, then stone veneer is a perfect solution due to its lightweight nature and affordability compared to true stone. Adding customized stone veneer to your new storage shed or garage is sure to set you apart in your neighborhood!

4. Custom Victorian Shed

custom victorian shed

One of the most popular shed styles we sell here at Glick Woodworks is our traditional Victorian sheds. In this particular made-to-order shed, our clients took an ordinary Victorian shed and made it their own. Notice the attractive gray vinyl siding, the asphalt shingle roof, and two large windows to allow sunlight in — all topped off with a stylish cupola on top!

5. Mini Porch Shed

made-to-order mini porch shed

For those looking to enjoy their custom shed for storage and personal use, a mini-porch shed like this is perfect for you. This is a classic A-frame shed accessorized with a small mini-porch on the front. With a cute little door leading into your shed, this may be the ideal outdoor shed space for your hobbies or even a she-shed! Make your shed from Glick Woodworks far more than just a space for storage with fun features.

The Amish Quality Difference

Because Glick Woodworks is an Amish shed builder, we provide you Amish-quality materials and construction. Unlike a nationwide shed company that produces your shed on an assembly line, all the sheds at Glick Woodworks are hand-constructed by an Amish builder. We use real vinyl shingles, vinyl windows, architectural shingles, and more — which can help your shed lifespan easily last 20+ years.

Learn even more about the Amish quality difference at Glick Woodworks!

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At Glick Woodworks, we pride ourselves on offering outdoor custom sheds that will meet any family’s needs for storage and style. If one of these sheds has caught your eye, reach out today. Or if you’d like to discuss a unique idea and design with us, we’re more than happy to build it for you.

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