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Prefab Horse Barns: Made in the USA

For those who ride, breed, work with, or simply love horses, the importance of good modular horse barns can not be overemphasized. Whether the popular center aisle barn or that of another design, the structure must be functional in terms of usage; healthy in terms of ventilation and lighting; safe in terms of protection from the elements and wildlife; and efficient in terms of storage and waste removal. The builders at Glick Woodworks understand the requirements of producing high-quality prefab horse barns. We provide quality Amish-built barns that are custom-made and delivered across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. In the Amish tradition, Glick Woodworks creates prefab horse barns employing quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our durable shelters accommodate many designs, including small modular horse barns or center aisle barns.

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Horse Barns W/ Feed Room & Feeders
Barn Size10x1610x1810x2010x2210x2410x2610x2810x3010x3210x3610x4010x48
Stall Size10x10 (1)10x12 (1)10x12 (1)10x14 (1)10x16 (1)10x10 (2)10x10 (2)10x12 (2)10x12 (2)10x14 (2)10x10 (3)10x10 (4)
Feed Room Size6x106x108x108x108x106x108x106x108x108x1010x108x10
Barn Size12x1612x1812x2012x2212x2412x2612x2812x3012x3212x3612x4012x48
Stall Size12x10 (1)12x12 (1)12x12 (1)12x14 (1)12x16 (1)12x10 (2)12x10 (2)12x12 (2)12x12 (2)12x14 (2)12x10 (3)12x10 (4)
Feed Room Size6x126x128x128x128x126x128x126x128x128x1210x128x12
Horse Barns / No Feed Room & Feeders
Barn Size10x1010x1210x1410x1610x1810x2010x2210x2410x2610x28
Stall Size10x10 (1)10x12 (1)10x14 (1)10x15 (1)10x9 (2)10x10 (2)10x11 (2)10x12 (2)10x13 (2)10x14 (2)
Barn Size10x3010x3210x3610x4010x4812x1212x1412x1612x1812x20
Stall Size10x10 (3)10x10 (2) 10x12 (1)10x12 (3)10x10 (4)10x12 (4)12x12 (1)12x12 (1)12x16 (1)12x9 (2)12x10 (2)
Barn Size12x2212x2412x2612x2812x3012x3212x3612x4012x48
Stall Size12x11 (2)12x12 (2)12x13 (2)12x14 (2)12x10 (3)12x10 (2) 12x12 (1)12x12 (3)12x10 (4)12x12 (4)

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Horse Barn Features

  • Cupola
  • Feed rack
  • Window guards
  • Tack cabinet
  • Gable vents / arch vents
  • Windows
  • Metal roof
  • Standing seam metal roof

Local Amish-Built Barns

As Amish horse barn experts, we know that owners want to minimize repair bills, veterinary bills, and maintenance costs. That is why Glick Woodworks strives to get our Amish-built barns right the first time. Working with vinyl, batten strips, wood boards, and material made from Duratemp T1-11–a rugged hardwood siding with a veneer impervious to weather conditions–we manufacture durable barns according to customer specifications…and the tried-and-true methods of Amish horse barn builders. This means seasoned skill, high standards, and a strong work ethic goes into each prefab horse barn. Other horse barn builders might cut corners but the artisans at Glick Woodworks never do. Our customers appreciate this longstanding commitment to excellence because the finished work stands the test of time.

amish built barns

Affordable Pricing for Modular Horse Barns

A front overhang supported by posts or pillars marks the presence of lean-to barns. The overhang helps to reduce the muddy mess of the heavily trod area in front of the barn by restricting the presence of rain or snow–very common in the mid-Atlantic states. This type of design might appear too extensive for the typical outbuilding budget. Yet Glick Woodworks works with customers to keep costs down while never forsaking the quality and solidness expected of our prefab horse barns. We strive for transparency regarding the investment customers make in Amish-built barns. Once we know the dimensions and type of siding desired, we always make the most accurate estimates possible regarding the final price.

Custom Barns in PA, MD, and NJ

Sometimes, the value of an expertly constructed prefab horse barn is unappreciated until one is in regular use. Not only giving shelter against the elements and predators to the equines, but these barns also afford users storage space for feed, tack, medicines, and cleaning supplies. They assure that horses have a safe, clean, and comfortable place to dwell when a day’s riding is done. Therefore, Amish-built barns are so sought after. They can be trusted to live up to the reputation of their makers. Glick Woodworks takes pride in its reputation for premium construction and superior customer service. If you seek horse barns for sale, contact us to discuss your project.

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Our Google Reviews

Glick Woodworks moved a 12x36 prefab kennel building for me from York, PA to Jacksonville, FL. It could not have been a smoother process, and they took great care of my building during pick up, shipping, and set up. These guys are awesome, highly recommend!
Courtney Bentley
Courtney Bentley
19:43 11 Jan 22
The team at Glick's was outstanding in every way from the planning to the building. Our garage was erected in less than 3 days. They were meticulous with every aspect of the build. This is an outstanding business!
Margie Gerlach
Margie Gerlach
15:21 07 Jan 22
These guys are top notch shed, barn, studio, garage - and anything like these - builders. NOT ONE issue. VERY communicative. EVERYTHING to specifications. BEAUTIFUL! VERY fair prices. On schedule. Delivered brilliantly. Made sure it was set up exactly right and level. In other words: perfect. If you are looking for a great product like this, you can't go wrong!
Pamela Pine
Pamela Pine
20:17 17 Nov 21
They helped move a shed built on site, where other companies either lead me along, or would not take on the job. They did what they said, showed up promptly and moved the shed quickly, for a very reasonable price, thank you again!
Nick Lowe
Nick Lowe
18:04 10 Nov 21
Cheapest wood sheds in the area, yet still built to last. Lots of options with style, color, and options. Expect to wait 2 months.
Bobby Reese
Bobby Reese
17:58 09 Nov 21
Perfect quality shed. Delivered in excellent time and the process from a-z was very professional. I sent David a picture of a shed I saw elsewhere and he managed to build it exactly to match.
Eóin Kavanagh
Eóin Kavanagh
14:27 30 Oct 21