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Horse Run-In Sheds for Sale in PA, MD, and NJ

People move to the Mid-Atlantic area for lots of reasons, one being the stunning green spaces for their beloved horses. It’s beautiful to see horses ambling along, their heads down munching on grass, or just standing at the fence checking out the people admiring their world.

Barns notwithstanding, on some wet, snowy, or windy days horses need a Glick Woodworks run-in shed. They get hot in summer and cold in winter just like we do. They no more like getting wet than anything else does, so they seek shelter.

They appreciate owners who build run-in sheds for them, especially to keep their feet dry. Terrible things happen to horses with wet feet, and here’s what you need to know about keeping them properly covered during inclement weather conditions.

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Horse Barn Features

  • Cupola
  • Feed rack
  • Window guards
  • Tack cabinet
  • Gable vents / arch vents
  • Windows
  • Metal roof
  • Standing seam metal roof

Horse Sheds: Structures Built to Last

Nothing about horses is inexpensive, so protect your investment. A horse run-in shed is a great way to keep your animals safe from the weather, and more so, unwanted guests. These horse sheds have a covered top and three walls with one open side.

The horse run-in shed should have at least 100 square feet in which the horse can turn around and stand comfortably. The floor should be slightly tilted to facilitate both drainage and ease of access for the animal. Any run-in shed for sale should have drainage around it instead of through it for the health of the horses’ feet. Most are built with sturdy materials making it difficult for horses to kick through. Any metal fasteners used are either covered or in a secure area to not injure the horses. You’ll find that all Glick Woodwork’s run-in sheds for sale are sturdy and constructed of good quality materials so your horse will be safe and secure.

Stylish Run-In Horse Shelters for Sale

Wild horses were accustomed to living with all kinds of weather. When they needed shelter, they sought out forests with a solid canopy over them or old caves. Today’s domesticated animals aren’t too far off from their wilder cousins, but now it is up to their owners to find a solution.

While we can’t replicate the caves or the canopied forests, Glick Woodworks builds horse shelters to last. Our run-in sheds are the nearest you’ll come to the isolated caves of yore and can be placed on your property in spots where they’ll rarely have visitors. Pastured horses use horse sheds to avoid making frequent treks to and from the barn. Many of the shelters and horse sheds have spaces for hay and provisions for water.

Contact Us for Quality Horse Run-in Sheds

Match the style and design of the other structures on your property with our custom run-in sheds. Glick Woodworks can be built in dozens of styles including a Quonset hut, a “house” with cupola and/or a porch roof supported by pillars, or even a shed with redwood colored walls or walls resembling cedar.

We’ve built these horse barns to look like a two to a four-car garage, a smaller version of a red barn, and even a small cottage. Imagination is the only limit to how your run-in shed could look. These sheds are Glick Woodworks’ specialty, so working with them to design the shed for your horses is as simple as a phone call to get a quote. Contact us today, and we’ll get your horses covered.

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Our Google Reviews

Excellent craftsmanship, customer service, all the way to the final setup. Have had many people already asking me where I got it. Thanks guys!
Buddy Grice
Buddy Grice
19:28 14 Oct 21
Dave and Daniel Glick were very patient with my shed and process. I had stalled delivery of my shed a few times due to weather and neither time seemed to bother them. They wanted to make sure it was delivered and done right! This family company and whole process was one of the best decisions that I had made. They have what some companies are missing anymore, Integrity and good character. A perfect example of God fearing men! Thank you Glick family for my customer shed. Its not really a shed it looks more like a mini house to be honest.Buy from Glicks....You wont regret it!
Chris Quigley
Chris Quigley
18:33 07 Oct 21
The Pennsylvania Amish build an incredible, strong, tight quality shed. And that's who these guys are! Easy to work with, very reasonable and competitive on prices, and simple easy going folks. You're not going to find a better shed out there. I've done business for 35 years with a wide variety of companies, glick woodworks is simply the Best of the Best. I wish they would have built my house! You can tell through their work that they believe they are serving both God and man, and it's clear that they are achieving their goals. I just can't say enough positive things about these folks.
Mike Zeee
Mike Zeee
01:21 20 Aug 21
My shed was moved into the neighbor's yard & was pinned up against a tree while hanging over the creek that runs behind my house. I talked to David several times & we were also texting at 4 am. David sent out Daniel & Caleb to move the shed back. These two guys were AMAZING !! They were able to place the shed back onto the pad without any further damage. Daniel also repaired the vinyl siding that was damaged from the hitting the tree. Words can describe how grateful we are to be able to save our shed. So if you looking for a great reliable contractor these guys are who you need to contact. Look no further & give them a call.
Brian Flaherty
Brian Flaherty
11:59 15 Jul 21
A++ I couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship and the timeliness of the project. We had a shed built and a stand alone garage (20x24) with scissor truss and 8" vinyl siding. Daniel was phenomenal to work with. He was responsive to any questions I had, kept me up to date on any progress without me asking for it. He also went the extra mile to find materials that matched our house the best. His crew worked tirelessly and completed the project on time, and within the budget. Would recommend Daniel, his crew and Glick Woodworks to anyone looking to build a shed or garage.
William Reid
William Reid
15:24 03 Jul 21
We had a shed put in they were wonderful. Galen did a great job getting it in on a hill and in a tight space. we just want to thank them for doing a wonderful job
Joe Shives
Joe Shives
01:29 04 Jun 21