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Horse Run-In Sheds for Sale in PA, MD, NJ, DE & VA

People move to the mid-Atlantic area for lots of reasons, one being the stunning green spaces for their beloved horses. It’s beautiful to see horses ambling along, their heads down munching on grass or just standing at the fence checking out the people admiring their world.

Barns notwithstanding, on some wet, snowy, or windy days horses need a Glick Woodworks run in shed. They get hot in summer and cold in winter just like we do. They no more like getting wet than anything else does, so they seek shelter.

They appreciate owners who build shelters for them, especially to keep their feet dry. Terrible things happen to horses with wet feet, and here’s what you need to know about keeping them properly covered during inclement weather conditions.

Horse Shelters: Structures Built to Last

Nothing about horses is inexpensive, so protect your investment. A horse run-in sheds is a great way is a great way to keep your animals safe from the weather, and more so, unwanted guests. These run-in sheds have a covered top three walls with one open side.

The horse run in shed should have at least 100 square feet in which the horse can turn around and stand comfortably. The floor should be slightly tilted to facilitate both drainage and ease of access for the animal. Any run in shed for sale should have drainage around it instead of through it for the health of the horses’ feet. Most are built with sturdy materials making it difficult for horses to kick through. Any metal fasteners used are either covered or in a secure area to not injure the horses. You’ll find that all Glick Woodwork’s run in sheds for sale are sturdy and constructed of good quality materials so your horse will be safe and secure.

Stylish Run-In Barns for Horses

Wild horses were accustomed to living with all kinds of weather. When they needed shelter, they sought out forests with a solid canopy over them or old caves. Today’s domesticated animals aren’t too far off from their wilder cousins, but now it is up to the their owners to find a solution.

While we can’t replicate the caves or the canopied forests, Glick Woodworks builds horse shelters to last. Our loafing sheds are the nearest you’ll come to the isolated caves of yore and can be placed on your property in spots where they’ll rarely have visitors. Pastured horses use a loafing shed in the pasture to avoid making frequent treks to and from the barn. Many of the shelters and sheds have spaces for hay and provisions for water.

Contact Us for Quality Horse Run-in Sheds for Sale

Match the style and design of the other structures on your property with our custom run in barns. Glick Woodworks can be built in dozens of styles including a quonset hut, a “house” with cupola and/or a porch roof supported by pillars, or even a shed with redwood colored walls or walls resembling cedar.

We’ve built these horse barns to look like a two to four car garage, a smaller version of a red barn, and even a small cottage. Imagination is the only limit to how your run in barn could look. These sheds are Glick Woodworks’ specialty, so working with them to design the shed for your horses is as simple as a phone call to get a quote. Contact us today, and we’ll get your horses covered.

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Run In Sheds
10x10 10x12 10x14 10x16 10x18 10x20 10x22 10x24 10x26 10x28 10x30 10x32 10x36 10x40
$2,420 $2,600 $3,080 $3.315 $3,560 $3,820 $4,085 $4,320 $4,580 $4,940 $5,200 $5,565 $6,080 $6,700
12x12 12x14 12x16 12x18 12x20 12x22 12x24 12x26 12x28 12x30 12x32 12x36 12x40
$3,385 $3,675 $3,870 $4,195 $4,470 $4,800 $5,210 $5,520 $5,835 $6,135 $6,545 $7,255 $7,375
Run In Sheds w/ Feed Room & Feeders
10x16 10x18 10x20 10x22 10x24 10x26 10x28 10x30 10x32 10x36 10x40
$3.815 $4,060 $4,320 $4,585 $4,820 $5,080 $5,440 $5,700 $6,065 $6,580 $7,200
12x12 12x14 12x16 12x18 12x20 12x22 12x24 12x26 12x28 12x30 12x32 12x36 12x40
$4,085 $4,322 $4,520 $4,845 $5,120 $5,550 $5,860 $6,170 $6,485 $6,785 $7,195 $7,800 $8,625
Add For Stain or Paint
10x10 10x12 10x14 10x16 10x18 10x20 10x22 10x24 10x26 10x28 10x30 10x32 10x36 10x40
$273 $300 $327 $354 $382 $405 $436 $464 $472 $498 $525 $5551 $603 $656
12x12 12x14 12x16 12x18 12x20 12x22 12x24 12x26 12x28 12x30 12x32 12x36 12x40
$327 $354 $382 $405 $4,36 $464 $491 $518 $546 $576 $600 $630 $682
Run-In Shed Metal - 1 Color
10x10 10x12 10x14 10x16 10x18 10x20 10x22 10x24 10x26 10x28 10x30 10x32 10x36 10x40
$2,755 $2,980 $3,505 $3,795 $4,120 $4,450 $4,760 $5,055 $5,370 $5,818 $6,130 $6,545 $7,130 $7,820
12x12 12x14 12x16 12x18 12x20 12x22 12x24 12x26 12x28 12x30 12x32 12x36 12x40
$3,815 $4,185 $4,485 $4,855 $5,190 $5,690 $6,015 $6,375 $6,795 $7,080 $7,555 $8,395 $9,180
Run-In Shed Metal - 2 Color
10x10 10x12 10x14 10x16 10x18 10x20 10x22 10x24 10x26 10x28 10x30 10x32 10x36 10x40
$2,830 $3,065 $3,600 $3,920 $4,240 $4,575 $4,905 $5,215 $5,530 $5,955 $6,295 $6,710 $7,295 $8,030
12x12 12x14 12x16 12x18 12x20 12x22 12x24 12x26 12x28 12x30 12x32 12x36 12x40
$3,908 $4,300 $4,565 $4,995 $5,355 $5,870 $6,180 $6,580 $6,986 $7,315 $7,800 $8,630 $9,515

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Horse Barn Features

  • Cupola
  • Feed rack
  • Window guards
  • Tack cabinet
  • Gable vents / arch vents
  • Windows
  • Metal roof
  • Standing seam metal roof
Built Using Quality Materials From:

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Our Google Reviews

Just took delivery of a 12'x20' shed. The shed is well built and a great value. Also, David was great to work with and the delivery was smooth. Highly recommended!
Kent Frese
Kent Frese
00:38 03 Mar 20
Had a 24x36 garage built by these fellas. Their bid was significantly lower than all others. Very happy with everything they did. Highly recommend!
tom taylor
tom taylor
15:57 29 Jan 20
If you are looking for a quality built shed this is the place. Quality and value are second to none with Glick Woodworks. These guys know what they are doing. They give you options and they build it how you request. The delivery is just un unbelievable smooth. The man that delivered mine today was simply wonderful. I will never buy a shed elsewhere. Glick's is the only place I will buy a shed from. Down to earth and honest people. They stand by their product. Thank you Glick Woodworks. Corinna
Corinna Markley
Corinna Markley
00:21 25 Jan 20
Great price, superior workmanship, built to buyer's a no brainer. Go to Glicks.
Stephen Rizzo
Stephen Rizzo
14:38 13 Jan 20
Glick Woodworks built a high quality shed and addressed a delivery issue which they kindly resolved for us. It is a very well-built shed. They customized the size in order to suit the area where it was being placed. Glick is conscientious about customer service. They build quality structures for a good value, offering many options. This shed will last for years and years to come.
Jennifer Garver
Jennifer Garver
17:40 03 Jan 20
My wife and I searched extensively for our new shed in Central New Jersey and Eastern PA. We were looking for a quality built shed for a fair price. We came close to buying our new shed from another shed company, until we stumbled upon Glick Woodworks. Don’t get them confused with Glick Structures, which is a different company. We were very impressed with the materials they used and with their high quality construction standards that we had seen on their website. We were so impressed that we took the long drive from Somerset, NJ to Mount Joy, PA to check out their facility and their sheds.When we arrived we met Dave Glick in the office. Dave was very polite, patient and professional. He explained, in detail, the construction of the sheds and materials they use to build them. We asked many questions and learned a lot. Then he let us browse the grounds of the facility and check out the sheds onsite. As we looked at the sheds, we realized how well they were built. When we had looked at sheds from other companies, we could see some deficiencies in the build quality. That is not the case with Glick Woodworks . The sheds built by Glick Woodworks are top notch. I am a perfectionist and I was very pleased with the quality of the sheds. We were looking for a shed that was just under 200 square feet. We were originally focused on a 12’ x 16’ Dutch Barn, but then changed our minds and decided on a 10’ x 20’ Dutch Barn. We also changed the options on the shed several times. Dave was very patient with us. He would update the invoice, as needed, with every change. He made the entire selection and ordering process very easy.The lead time to build and deliver the shed was very reasonable. I had to get a timber framed gravel pad built on an incline prior to the delivery. We were outside of Glick Woodworks service area for installing the shed pad, so we went with another company which does site preparations. We were able to coordinate the shed pad construction with the delivery of the shed.When the shed was delivered, it was an awesome experience. The driver called when he was on his way and he arrived a little early. He used a radio controlled mule to maneuver the shed off of the trailer and into our yard. Then he manually maneuvered the mule up the hill in our backyard and placed the shed on the pad. He centered the shed the best he could on the pad (it was a rainy day and there was a lot of mud next to the shed pad). He then went inside to ensure the doors were straight and would open properly. He also checked to make sure the windows would slide easily up and down without binding. The delivery only took about forty five minutes. The cost of our shed, including delivery, was significantly cheaper than comparable sheds built locally. It was also cheaper and better built than all of the other shed builders in Eastern PA we had seen. If you have the time, I recommend taking a nice county ride to visit their facility, speak to Dave, and check out the quality of their sheds. Our experience with Glick Woodworks was great. They make a high quality shed for an affordable price. There is no comparison to the competition. We could not be happier. Our thanks to Dave and his superb team of craftsman.Before you buy a shed from another manufacturer, please ask how it is built. Check to see if it has all of the standard features that Glick Woodworks offers at no extra charge.Some of the standard items which make Glick sheds superb, are listed below:2 x 4 Premium Rafters and Wall Studs 16 inch on center 2 x 4 Pressure Treated Floor Joists 16 OC or 12 OC for garages30 Year Architectural ShinglesRoof Paper under the shingles as in house construction. This is rare to find in shed construction.Galvanized Nails used to secure the roof, wall, and floor sheathing to the joists and studs.Drip Edge on all roofs for a quality finishLP Tech Shield Roof SheathingLarger WindowsLofts in the Dutch BarnsCheck out Glick Woodworks. Search for Glick Woodworks or Glicksheds. You’ll be glad you did!
L Carr
L Carr
12:27 13 Dec 19