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When the time comes for moving a shed, whether you’re moving properties or to rearrange your outdoor landscaping, Glick Woodworks’ team of Amish shed movers get it done efficiently, without damaging your property. With a tradition that values solid craftsmanship, the intimate knowledge of structural manufacturing gives Glick the edge on other local shed moving companies.

Glick Woodworks has over two decades of experience with custom building styles. This also means they have experience with shed relocation services (because someone needs to move all these sheds!) Whether we’re moving a metal shed or a wooden shed, our team of Amish shed movers are familiar with the materials, designs and the labor that goes into creating outdoor structures making a more efficient moving process. That a structure is more vulnerable when in transit — as opposed to sitting on a solid foundation — is a given that the Glick shed movers never forget.

Shed Moving Company: Get It Done Right

Whether you need to move a metal shed or moving a wooden shed, these Amish shed movers are familiar with the materials, designs and labor that go into creating these outdoor structures. This knowledge sets us apart from other local shed moving companies because we understand the shed process in its entirety.

All of this can be done at an affordable rate in PA, DE, MD, NJ & VA. Most shed moving services range from $250 to $500. Contact us today to discuss the logistics of moving your shed, whether on property or to a new location!

Amish built shed being relocated to a new property

Shed Relocation Services

Based in Lancaster County, Glick Woodworks serves homeowners in the mid-Atlantic states with quality shed relocation services. Whether it’s a custom shed made by us, or one your purchased from another lot, we have the know how to make sure your shed is relocated with care and precision. This is a shed moving service that delivers its charge intact. Whether moving a wooden shed or moving a metal shed, those moving a shed are familiar with structures of assorted magnitudes.

As shed builders, Glick Woodworks has built a wide variety of structures ranging from pool house sheds to horse barns to garages to storage sheds. In so doing, they work with an equally wide spectrum of materials. If it is exterior grade plywood for I-joists and flooring; vinyl for wall siding; pressure-treated lumber for foundations; or wood for shingles, the experts at Glick Woodworks have utilized these elements — and many more — to create beautiful, durable and fully functional A-Frame sheds, Dutch barns and all types of detached garages. Why does this know-how matter? Sheds are built to rest securely on the ground; moving them — like moving anything — makes them susceptible to damage if not performed with the utmost competence. What better storage shed movers than those who understand its engineering and its most sensitive sections? The only answer lies with Amish shed movers.

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So if you are searching for storage shed movers in PA, DE, MD, NJ & VA who treat shed relocation with proficiency and respect, look no further than Glick Woodworks. Ours is a shed moving company honors its cargo. Shed movers are not simply haulers, but trusted stewards of valuable buildings. Shed movers who build sheds know the care that must be taken when transporting them to points far off in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. Over busy interstate highways and down narrow rural routes, the sheds entrusted to Glick Woodworks arrive at their appointed destinations unscathed and ready for placement. When the building serves its purpose with the same success as it did in the prior location, you will know that the move was performed with the same standard of excellence with which Glick Woodworks manufactures its premium quality sheds, barns and garages.

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