The Best Garden Sheds

Most sheds are built to do a tough job: they keep your valuables safe from the elements. Garden sheds, of course, keep your equipment and possessions protected, but they also must fit into your stylish garden aesthetic at the same time. We’re profiling the best garden sheds that look at-home in a beautiful garden, while still delivering the reliable storage you need.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts a variety of high-quality sheds, barns, and garages. Structures that are equal parts beautiful and durable are our specialty. Keep reading to see our picks for the best garden sheds – and what sets them apart!


Garden Sheds for Sale

We carry a wide range of different garden sheds for sale, but we can always custom build something unique for your yard and your personal style. See a few of our favorite picks right here:


Victorian Shed

With the glass door and roof arches, Victorian sheds have a naturally upscale style. These traits make this popular style design fit well in a luxurious garden. The intriguing blue color theme of this shed adds an interesting dimension to many spaces.

Victorian style garden shed for salee


Small A-Frame Shed

Here’s a shed that puts your planting and landscaping on full display! While the dimensions may make it a little small for housing a huge lawn mower, it’s the ideal size for storing seeds, tools, fertilizer, and everything else someone with a green thumb needs. Plus, the clean and simple style is sure to match anyone’s backyard space.

Best garden shed for storing tools and equipment


Classic A-Frame Shed

One of the most common garden sheds for sale that we offer, the right A-frame can be a perfect option for homeowners choosing among all the top garden sheds. Not only is this a practical choice for spacious storage, but the look is attractive enough to draw attention without dominating the whole space. Plus, the forest green wooden siding on this shed evokes the feeling of a growing garden and truly enhances the space.

Green garden shed for sale for backyard organization


Custom Two-Story Shed

A truly one-of-a-kind space, this option certainly earns its place as one of the best garden sheds! First things first, this shed is a beauty – and would be at-home on any upscale estate. The color scheme and custom touches like the cupola make this shed a true showstopper. On top of that, this two-story space is big enough for all of your storage needs and can even serve as a mid-yard entertaining space. Consider pairing this with some iron rod chairs and coffee table for a quaint mid-yard seating area!

Top garden shed for sale from Lancater County PA


Traits of the Top Garden Sheds

The four top garden sheds we featured above range from simple to exquisite. However, they all are fantastic choices for your garden. More important than any specific style or even a unifying look are a series of smart of qualities. Here’s what to look for in garden sheds for sale:

  1. No-Leak Quality – You need your shed to provide you complete protection against the wind and the rain. Through their superior siding, shingle roofs, and meticulous construction, our sheds deliver all of this in year 1 of ownership and even in year 20!
  2. Long Lifespan – The top garden sheds will all provide a long lifespan that will endure through many seasons. Our sheds easily last 25+ years!
  3. Ability to Be Installed Anywhere – The placement of a garden shed is important in both making it a part of your outdoor décor and ensuring that it provides the storage you need. Our sheds can be installed almost anywhere on your property and delivery is always included in the cost.


Get Prices on the Best Garden Sheds

Small garden shed for sale with ramp

The best garden sheds are a great combination of beautiful looks and decades of ultra-tough performance. If any of these sheds caught your eye, we’d love to build it for you. Of course, this is just the beginning of your options when you work with Glick Woodworks. As a truly custom builder, we make anything you can envision a reality.

The first step is a conversation with our designers. Contact us right now to get started!

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