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Shed Maintenance

Are Shed Repairs Worth It?

With proper maintenance, the right shed can last for decades, providing you with the solid backyard storage you need. But […]

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A Complete Guide to Shed Maintenance and Shed Security

You go to the doctor’s for a physical check-up once a year, you get your vehicle’s oil checked every 5,000 […]

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How to Bug & Pest Proof Your Shed

As chilly winter weather rounds the corner, your shed starts to look like a haven for all types of pest […]

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How to Remove a Shed: DIY vs Pro Shed Removal

Whether you have to make room for your new shed or just want to get rid of a backyard eyesore, […]

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How to Clean Your Shed

Knowing how to clean your shed properly is a valuable DIY skill for homeowners to have. You want to be […]

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Shed Kit Drawbacks

Promising a brand new shed for the lowest possible price, shed kits are a popular item at any big box […]

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