Pre-Owned Sheds: Bargain or Bad Idea?

There’s nothing wrong with getting the storage you need at an affordable price — just make sure you go about it in the right way. If you’ve been price shopping, you know there are multiple avenues to get a budget-friendly shed. While buying an ultra-cheap hardware store shed is definitely a risky purchase, putting money into a pre-owned shed also comes with some serious potential downsides. Keep reading to see us explore the risks that come with used sheds — and check out our line of budget sheds that may work for you.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts everything from affordable sheds to high-end luxury models. Since we’ve spent decades building and replacing sheds, we can share our opinion about the vast majority of pre-owned sheds and what often goes wrong when people buy one!

Common Problems with Used Sheds for Sale

There’s no doubt that the feeling of finding a great deal can’t be beat. But there’s nothing worse than thinking you got a deal — only to discover you got nothing. These are the biggest pitfalls you need to keep in mind when hunting for used sheds for sale:

  1. Quality Concerns — Unfortunately, the vast majority of sheds aren’t built to last longer than a few years out in the beating sun and pouring rain. Oftentimes the roofs and windows on cheaper sheds will leak water — while the wooden frames will grow rot and mold. When you buy a pre-owned shed, you need to be concerned that you got a storage structure that simply can’t be counted on to provide watertight storage. If that’s the case, you’ll need to buy a new shed sooner than later AND figure out how to dispose of the used one.
  2. Limited Remaining Lifespan — Even the very best sheds can’t last forever (but our Amish-built sheds impressively last between 20 and 30 years!). So, you need to be concerned about how old the shed is and how long it has left. After all, if a shed is going to provide years upon years of storage, why is it for sale? You don’t want to end up spending a significant amount of money for a building that’s seen far better days. And you don’t want to put a few hundred to a thousand dollars into a shed that only has 5 good years left.

    Learn more about how long sheds last.
  3. Puts Your Stuff at Risk — If you have expensive lawn equipment or want to store boxes of valuables, taking a chance on a used shed for sale can be a big risk. All it can take is one windstorm or deluge of rain, and that secondhand shed can be done for. Depending on what you’re keeping in there, that might be doubly disastrous.
  4. Looks Rough — A nice shed can bring an attractive look to your backyard and even enhance your outdoor aesthetic. A rough shed that’s faded and falling apart detracts from it. So even if a pre-owned shed is rock solid as far as practical storage is concerned, it can still be an eyesore.

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  5. Logistical Problem — Big hypothetical scenario: let’s say you find the perfect used storage shed for sale. How do you plan to transport and install it? You probably don’t have the mule-style forklift and specialty trailer needed to safely move a storage shed — so you’ll probably need to hire a team with the right equipment. This added expense can make buying and moving a used shed just as expensive as buying a brand new shed.

    However, if you do need to move a shed, the Glick Woodworks professional shed movers are here to help!

Shop New Budget-Friendly Options Here

When you’re hunting for used sheds for sale, you’re looking to find a diamond in the rough. However, if you’d like to just shop diamonds, you’re in the right place. While we don’t sell pre-owned sheds, we do build a wide variety of affordable sheds. Some of our most budget-friendly sheds cost under $3,000 yet deliver unbeatable style, durability and protection from the elements!

Reach out to our team to discuss budget-friendly sheds and shed moving!

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