The Real Handmade Shed Difference

A good storage shed gives you a clutter-free garage, an organizational lifehack, and the confidence that your outdoor equipment is safe from the elements — all for decades to come. If you know where to look, you can still buy a real handmade shed. We speak from experience: the quality will surprise you.

At Glick Woodworks, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts handmade sheds designed to look beautiful and built to be the toughest on the market. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting where to buy sheds and the difference between one of ours and a hardware store alternative. Keep reading to see the point-by-point breakdown — or reach out today to get prices!

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Where to Buy Sheds and Why it Matters

where to buy a new shed

If you’re wondering where to buy a shed, there are two common answers: from a big-box hardware store or from a dedicated craftsman.

Here’s what separates custom structures from the big-box products:

  • Real Construction Materials — One of the first clues demonstrating the difference in shed quality is what material the sheds are built from. Our structures are built using vinyl shed siding, architectural shingles, and vinyl windows — just like most homes. In comparison, hardware store options are made with cheaper materials like rust-prone metal siding or cheap wood siding that is susceptible to rotting.
  • How It’s Made — As you’d expect with handmade sheds, they are built custom in our warehouse by an experienced craftsman. On the other hand, the sheds on the lots of hardware stores are mass-produced in big factories hundreds at a time. The difference in the sheds’ construction can have an impact on the level of performance you’ll get, as mistakes are made and corners are cut with mass-produced items — compared to a product constructed just for you.
  • Style — A handmade shed built out of real construction materials won’t just be tough — it’ll look beautiful, too. Our sheds come in a striking spectrum of colors and are built in a variety of shed styles. Countless customers tell us that their new shed is an ingredient in their ultimate curb appeal. While new hardware store sheds don’t look terrible by any means, they won’t have the same deluxe look. In addition, as they deteriorate, these cheaper alternatives can quickly become a backyard eyesore.
  • Custom Options — Since our structures are made-to-order, you can custom design every single aspect of them, from the color scheme, to the size, and the style. So, if you want to make your shed into a mini version of your house, it’s easy. However, with a hardware store, what you see on the lot is what you get. No custom colors, styles, and there are fairly limited size options, too.

Ready to start building your own? Try our shed design software for yourself!

The bottom line: a hardware store storage shed won’t provide you the same quality, style, or longevity as a truly custom-built option. The ONLY reason we ever recommend one is if you are planning to move out of state in the next year and can’t take your custom-built, quality shed with you.

How Your Choice Helps the Community

handmade vinyl shed

The main reason to buy a handmade shed is that you get a superior product that will pay you back, year after year. However, some homeowners who are dedicated to buying local also feel better working with a local craftsman rather than a big corporation.

Almost all shed builders are local, family-owned businesses rooted in the community. When you buy a shed from Glick Woodworks, your money stays here in the area. We employ skilled local craftsman and we buy our materials from local suppliers. On the other hand, buying from a giant corporation helps them show good numbers to their investors, but it doesn’t do quite as much for local people. This is one of the reasons people deciding where to buy a shed choose a craftsman.

Get a Price on Your Handmade Shed

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help. The first step is to reach out to our team to discuss your needs — and to get a price on your handmade shed. If you’ve never had a shed like this before, the look and quality will absolutely surprise you in the best way possible!

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