Designing a Horse Barn that Suits Your Needs

The right barn houses your horses, provides you flexible storage, and can even make your back acres look like a true ranch! Designing a horse barn is as simple as making a few practical and stylistic choices — that’s exactly what we’re highlighting in today’s blog!

At Glick Woodworks, we sell elite quality Amish horse barns and sheds. The horse barns we sell balance our customers’ needs with an affordable price point. Follow along with the essential steps for designing a horse barn — or simply reach out to us today to get a free quote!

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Important Barn Options to Consider

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Since you’ll be relying on your new barn for more than a decade, it’s essential that it meets your needs and that you like its look. When partnering with Glick Woodworks, we work closely with you to ensure that your new barn is exactly what you want and need. These are the key barn options you need to consider when planning your new structure:

  1. Size & Number of Stalls — The first part of designing a horse barn is figuring out the number of stalls you need. We often recommend choosing more stalls than you have horses, so that if your herd grows you won’t need to buy a new barn. However, extra stalls also make for great supplemental storage. During this point in the design stage, you’ll also decide whether you want to build dedicated storage space like a tack room or feed storage room. The number of stalls is one of the biggest factors in determining a horse barn’s price.
  2. Lean-Tos — A lean-to is one of the most important horse barn options to consider. From a practical standpoint, a lean-to keeps you protected from the sun and light rain when working with your horses. From a style perspective, few other accessories provide the standout rustic style of a lean-to. While adding a lean-to will increase the price, it is a worthwhile accessory for many equine enthusiasts.
  3. Siding & Trim Color — While this may be a purely stylistic choice, it’s important nonetheless — after all, you’re going to be seeing a lot of this barn for the decades to come. Good news: your barn will look gorgeous whether you choose to paint or stain the wooden siding. Some of the most popular paint colors include: red, tan, blue, green, and gray. However, if you prefer to let the natural quality of the wood show through, we offer a range of gorgeous stains as well.
  4. Roof Type & Color — When you get a barn from Glick Woodworks, you can count on it being built to keep your horses 100% protected from the elements. A lot of that durability comes down to the roof. You’ll choose either a durable metal roof or an architectural shingle roof. While both of these materials can provide decades of protection, a metal roof will last longer — but it does cost more upfront.
  5. Accessories & Extras — The final step in designing a horse barn is to select the options and upgrades to include. These additional barn options include accessories like a cupola with a weathervane, different style vents, stall skylights, and much more. While none of these options are strictly necessary to building a safe and functional barn, they do make it truly yours.

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Choose Modular Barn Construction

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One of the other key traits that makes our barns more affordable than the competition is the modular building process. This modern building style means our structures are crafted in a workshop and then assembled on your property. This ultra-efficient process allows us to deliver you the high-quality structure you want and need at a far better price point than some of our competitors. Even better: you still have all of the same opportunity to choose the custom barn options during the design phase.

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Start Designing a Horse Barn with Glick Woodworks

Whether it’s your first barn ever or a replacement or upgrade, your Glick Woodworks barn will absolutely do the job. We hope this blog helped you get an idea of the variety of barn options available to you when you build with us. However, if you’d rather have a conversation, we’re ready to help. Work with our team when designing a horse barn to ensure you get the space and the style that match your budget.

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