Why to Build a Backyard Barn for Your Horses

Some hobby farmers and equine enthusiasts have a huge, sprawling pasture – while others make do with what they have. If you have a smaller space for your horse to roam, you need a smaller backyard barn to serve as their home. Our small barns are designed for exactly that.

At Glick Woodworks, we build a wide range of outdoor structures including storage sheds, garages, and barns. When it comes to our wooden barns, we specialize in smaller structures that provide secure housing for horses at a great price point. See what to look for in a backyard barn and get prices from our team today!

What Your Small Barn Should Have

While the dimensions may be small, the possibilities are absolutely massive. These small barns are the right size for one or two horses and can fit in almost any sized pasture. Here’s what to look for in a backyard barn:

  • Built-In the Shed Row Style – If you’re looking for a backyard barn that’s both stylish and functional, a shed row barn is the perfect option. These barns are built around horse stalls, providing full coverage for the animals inside. This means that the barn stays small since the exterior only needs to be bigger than the stalls inside. If you only have one horse, you only need a single stall in your shed row barn. Of course, if you want to add a feed room or additional stalls, those options are affordable and space-efficient, too.
  • Have a The Proper Equipment – Top-notch shed moving starts with top-notch equipment. Make sure that they have a mule, a piece of power equipment specifically designed to lift and transport storage sheds. This is essential to ensure the move goes smoothly. If a company doesn’t have something like this, you don’t want to trust your job to them.
  • Only The Stalls You Need – One of the best ways to keep the price of your small horse barn down is to limit the number of stalls. While you may be tempted to build several more than you need for the horses you hope to buy or board, extra stalls add to the bottom-line price without giving you any benefits you’ll use for the next few years. In the long run, a small barn that’s thoughtfully designed and well-built will be a better investment.
  • Modular Building – When you are hunting for a small horse barn, one of the things you should look for is modular construction. This means that the barn was built off-site and only assembled on your property. First and foremost, this style reduces the labor time – and price. Modular construction also offers some other benefits, such as being easier to expand or move if necessary. This is the way that all Glick Woodworks barns are built and we pass the savings onto you.
  • Durable Wooden Siding – Just because the barn is smaller and the price tag is lower, doesn’t mean you can’t get ultra-long-lasting performance from your barn. Our barns are so tough due to the heavy-duty wooden siding. Our white pine board and batten siding is a great choice for your pre-built barn. It is a sturdy and naturally weather-resistant wood species, making it resistant to mold, rot, and damage. If a horse should kick the exterior, it shouldn’t break. See more reasons that wooden barns are a must-buy!
  • A Good Price – A small horse barn should come in at a budget-friendly price point. Less labor and less material are required to build one of these structures. As the farmer or rancher, you should reap the financial benefits of that. Our backyard barns tend to be very affordable, with prices starting around $5,000.

Also Building Sheds and Garages

small barn

While barns are a popular product line of ours, we also specialize in crafting high-quality storage sheds and prefab garages. Our sheds are available in a wide range of styles, including Victorian, A-frame, and mini barn. We use only the finest materials and construction methods, so you can count on your shed to provide years of dependable service – just like our barns. In addition to our shed line, we also offer a wide range of custom modular garages. Whether you need a small garage for your lawn equipment or a large multi-car garage, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Get Quotes on Your Backyard Barn

For many horse owners, the idea of owning a backyard barn is a dream come true. Not only do these barns provide a safe and comfortable home for horses, but they also offer a stylish and convenient way to house them. Our prefab wood barns are designed to last for decades, with a robust construction that can withstand the elements. The first step is a conversation with our experts!

Contact us today to learn more about our barns and get your exact price!

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